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  1. Potion XP

    afaik you get (base + rat) xp for harvesting, (base + 1/2*rat) xp for magic and skills requiring the mix window and ('base' + 1/3*rat) xp for a/d. 11 xp for minor mana would be correct then.
  2. 40k Coal And 10k LE for sell!

    I buy the Coal Vrumfondel ingame
  3. Digital's Alch Shoppe

    nvm then
  4. cvs question

    did you uncomment #EXTRA_LIBS=-lalut in make.conf?
  5. can't connect to server after 1.3.3 update

    i can assure you that the server is up. "players online" works too for me
  6. Harv. shop :)

    nvm, sorry
  7. Taking orders for essences.

    2K FE please