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  1. Give Boneless creatures bones

    Since you can eat bones while under food cool down, you should always be eating some form of normal food and just supplementing it with bones. Stretches the hard stuff much further. I would have expected that bone-collecting would be a worthwhile pursuit for low level characters; how many bones are left to rot on Isle Prima by newbies? Rather than adding more bones to high level creatures, for the benefit of high level fighters, perhaps more emphasis on getting newbies to collect and sell the bones from little critters -- after all, which would you prefer, rabbit bones or skeleton bones? Well i killed 162 Rabbits when i had low a/d and i know i won't travel for less than 5k bones. Adding bones to higher level creatures isnt meant to benefit high level fighters but to meet the demands because these are killed in much higher numbers
  2. Give Boneless creatures bones

    They probably never heard of Cooked Meat
  3. NMT Auction

    210 kgc
  4. SR ctritical fails

    well, from my observations fails decrease till ~rec level + 40 and remain there at ~10% and this seems to be independent of what you are mixing.
  5. Garage sale

    170k for all? edit: at second thought: 175k for all? edit2: oh and another 35k for the we?
  6. xxxx__Generation X Harvesting Kingdom__xxxx

    Thank you, 2k Emeralds (3ea), 2k Silver Ore (1.8ea), 2k Toadstool (1.5ea) for a total of 12.6 kgc this time please
  7. xxxx__Generation X Harvesting Kingdom__xxxx

    Thank you, 2k Silver Ore (1.5ea), 2k Coal(1.5ea) and 2k Toadstool(1.5ea) for a total of 9k this time please
  8. xxxx__Generation X Harvesting Kingdom__xxxx

    I'd like 2k of each Quartz for 1.3gc ea for a total of 7.8kgc please
  9. Gentoo ebuild / Need cvs tag for 1.4.0 beta (please)

    Yes, that was the time (more or less) when learner committed the update for the client version info (the final commit before the server update). i agree that it would be nice to tag it
  10. Change Windows on top behaviour?

    do you mean ALT-W?
  11. Gentoo ebuild / Need cvs tag for 1.4.0 beta (please)

    just try ECVS_CO_OPTS="-D 'Sun Jun 3 19:02:15 UTC 2007'" ECVS_UP_OPTS="${ECVS_CO_OPTS} -dP -A" in the ebuild or check out a copy as of that date, remove stuff and tarbzip2 the sources
  12. Lost no items when not useing rosto

    While its not very likely, it is still possible to keep all items when dying. Its random
  13. Linux download

  14. --==++Generation X Harvesting Kingdom--==++

    My Order got lost? Please add. Thank you
  15. --==++Generation X Harvesting Kingdom--==++

    3k of each Quartz, 1k Iron Ore and 1k FE for a total of 16.6kgc this time please
  16. RC4

    not sure if this is intentional/a map bug/has already been reported, but when leaving the fortress i end up in the north east part of aa. this happened to me with rc4 from cvs and rc2 data files on the test server. [21:55:04] You are in Aeth Aelfan, the Elven Homeland [142,225] [21:55:19] You go down the stairway and enter a small hall with a closed gate. [21:55:23] You are in Lothalith Fortress. [38,25] [21:55:29] You take the stairs to the fortress courtyard. [21:55:33] You are in Aeth Aelfan, the Elven Homeland [145,244]
  17. --==++Generation X Harvesting Kingdom--==++

    I'd like to order 3k Iron Ore 2.5gc ea + 3k Coal 1.5gc ea + 1k Fire Essences 3.3gc ea for a total of 15.3kgc this time
  18. Selling Time

    Hi, i'd buy the Accuracy Potion Book for 5kgc Vrumfondel
  19. --==++Generation X Harvesting Kingdom--==++

    I'd like to order 3k Wormwood 1.5gc ea + 4k Toadstool 1.2gc ea
  20. JhLightning's Harvest and Alchemy

    And another 1.5K Water Essences for me please I'm Vrumfondel ingame.
  21. Chrisy_boys Service

    I am not Banned my accounts are just locked (Don't know what "locked" means)! You will still get your order! Trust me I think you misunderstood. I wont buy from players who seem to think that rules dont apply to them.
  22. Chrisy_boys Service

    So you are banned? I guess my order is void then
  23. Chrisy_boys Service

    I'll take 10k Iron Ore (in storage and not in bag, right?) and 20k FE