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  1. Oh well. The original request was for more walk space and less rock space. But then...a bot market there could (in theory) remove the rock if placed there. So how about that curved ball?


    I understand about the whole "north of the rock there's a two tiles wide space" totally. This was merely a request to make the game run a tiny bit smoother for us players (or us map walkers who aren't paying attention) by removing a bloody annoyance as Ateh put it.

  2. Hold up...this isn't about money, or how much profit you could make.

    This is about giving an item (frying pan), an obvious purpose (cooking meat) with something that is already present in the game (cooking meat on burning fires). Although it's simple in concept it may be hard to program but think about what doors this could open in terms of having other items and giving them the ability to use with the environment with different outcomes to create a much more richer game playing (and realistic) experience.


    PS: There's no way you can fit 10 meats on a small frying pan like that.

  3. I'm all for this. It makes items and interactable objects in EL (wait a sec...isn't this the ONLY interactable object of this type in the game?), anyway, I'm all for this. Of course since FR is +3, normal food is +1, then a fire would have to be +2 if it has to be lower than FR.


    I personally wouldn't want to complicate things with Raytrays idea, I don't think it can be done easily anyway

  4. +1 Zenial


    This is all about the rock. I don't know where all this bot bashing came from...it's not even topic tbh.

    I bet if Zenial did what she suggest, she'd get moved very quickly by someone with a happy trigger.


    With that said, how hard can it be to remove some of the rock and create more space ? I mean...isn't that what this thread is all about?

    And yes, there are "more important things" but I'm looking at this obvious problem as a potential map fix. Isn't EL always doing small map fixes to make them better? Why can't this be fixed too?


    *confused face*

  5. Ent you could just tweak the damage/heal formula so that it is just a tiny bit less on the rationality factor and add that tiny bit to the magic lvl factor.

    Plus the fact that magic protection will add more protection towards it, it should swing things back into the "favour" of fighters. A fully negged alt with maxed out rationality and an average magic lvl can cause serious damage to anyone - provided they have little or no protection (disregarding astro effects of course).


    Having said that, people will rarely cast magic protection, they'd probably use the items that give the passive effect of Magic protection because Magic Immunity rules all. Simple as that (it even rules vs monsters that have special attacks - how imba is that ? lool).


    Seriously kids, learn to use Magic Immunity. You're protected 99.9% of the time with it on.


    PS: Testing...should be done first

  6. Hi all.


    The specials book is for sale.


    Starting bid is:




    End bid is:


    Anything over (or equal too) 18888gc that isn't already bidded on after 24 hours. I'm not going to change the rules of the auction, it WILL after 24 hours after the last bid - I'm not going to fake bump it to remind everyone that it's still active even well after 24 hours of the previous bid. :)


    Please post here, pming me ingame won't do much good.

  7. The side benefit from this means that it will work on monsters too.

    If you take the MD model - it tells you how much mana you've drained from monster/players. LD is the same. Even restoration has "you have recovered xxx". Not that I'm a mage or anything but I like this idea. I would also like it to work for all spells that has a semi-random value. Like Bones to gold, smite/heal summoned and lastly, remote heal etc

  8. PrincssTitanium??

    We have a winner!


    Pic one was from Forest Gump...the scene where Lt. Dan walks again thanks to his "magic legs" - made from Titanium Alloy (as quoted in the movie)

    Pic two is just Princess Mononoke. Titanium + Princess = PrincssTitanium (I reversed it for extra hardness)

  9. WolfWitch is too obvious?


    EDIT: Maybe Usl, though it would be kinda rude :D

    good guess but nope :D


    [PM to Gossip: about wolfrunner]

    [PM from Gossip: wolfrunner was last logged on about 10 days ago. ]

    good guess but nope B)



    hmm Mario never said who's turn it was but I assume it was mine cus I r uber