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  1. Guess the player name!

    hehehe your turn
  2. Guess the player name!

  3. Guess the player name!

    Damn - your turn
  4. Guess the player name!

  5. Guess the player name!

    People are getting pretty good these days! Your turn
  6. Guess the player name!

    Easy ones to get the ball rollin'
  7. Guess the player name!

    that Satanztsdtenarer person?
  8. Guess the player name!

    Yep your turn
  9. really wish you told me about this sale! I'll take the above
  10. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hot item! ohiyo 5k Emeralds (15kgc) 5k Diamonds (16kgc) Thats....31kgc all in. Thanks
  11. Alchemy Shop: Oh my God again?

    I'll take: 1k of Matter Ess 7.5kgc 2k of Energy Ess 15kgc 3k of Air Ess 22.5kgc I make that 45k all in...I offer you luck
  12. New Invasion Creature: 'BroDer'

    It really depends on how its implemented - if you think about large spiders, white tiges and the mana burning bears, their special attacks are completely negated when you cast magic immunity. A smart fighter will easily multi these critters then. If on the other hand, the OP of this thread wants it to bypass the MI, then we're in trouble... The apparent problem of overflowing items ingame (like scales, tit shorts, black panther furs, etc etc etc etc) can easily be solved by having NPCs buy them at a competitive rates. "Negative" suggestions (i.e. ones that will cause you to lose your items due to something negative) like this will only cause more people to hoard them...unlike "Positive" suggestions (ones that use up the hoarded items to create other useful items without ripping off the maker, seller, buyer etc) will work much better. Thats why I like Korrodes idea - just tweak down the magic res/cold/heat a bit and its alright. Anyway, getting back on topic. The problem is, players would be smart enough to withdraw from invasions or use lower gear. Then it will come down to the invasion holder shocking the high a/d people (the group which has a higher probability to be using dragon armous) who were fighting non-broding critters and then placing tonnes of broding critters around them... Unless the suggested brodding critter drops something very special, I don't think its a good idea as it is (will need tweaking).
  13. Sniper Lens

    Both of these can work together
  14. Confirmation before going into an instance

    If you've got channel 'x' open and as your active channel it will be highlighted as green with the + If you then join another channel 'n', the new tab will appear with the + but not the green highlight. The newly opened channel, the one with the + is always your active channel until you change tabs, then the green highlight and the + will be on the same tab. I don't know if I'm correct but it does seem quite like a bug - I hope some uber client side programmer can clarify.
  15. Sniper Lens

    What item type would this be? Headwear? This will definately put NVs into cold storage Unless you want to have this as another item type of course. Btw just a quick note, I know the formula you posted isn't set in stone or final, but the mix window only allows 6 different types. I think its the increase visual field that is the most overpowering element here. Increasing your field of view is useful in things like invasions, joker hunts, contests, lenny hunting...and not just for sniping as you put it. Why not just change the NV formula slightly and change its attributes? (and of course drastically decreasing the % it drops).
  16. custom capes

    /agneum clothing go from there
  17. hi hi I am selling these item(s) 10k Death Ess - 8.5gc each [HOT ITEM!!] 10k Water Ess - 6gc each (reserved for molime maybe) [HOT ITEM!!] 10k Bones - 2.5gc each (reserved for Utopia maybe) [HOT ITEM!!] StAnNaRd - leading with 2.5gc each Purchased by a private bidder at BIN price 10k Wormwood - 1.5gc each [HOT ITEM!!] 10k Yarrow - 1.5gc each [HOT ITEM!!] 10k Ogre Toes - 1.5gc each [HOT ITEM!!] 10k Henbane - 1.5gc each [HOT ITEM!!] 10k Air Essence - 28gc each [COLD ITEM!!] Green Aventurers Cap (EL Shop Item @ $10) 18,888gc BIN (or direct trade with a Black version) [HOT ITEM!!] Blue Tricorn Hat 888gc BIN [HOT ITEM!!] Blue Cavalier Hat 888gc BIN [HOT ITEM!!] I am buying these items Mercury - 6gc Diamonds - 0.5gc [COLD ITEM!!] Skunk Hats - offer [COLD ITEM!!] If you want to bid, post here, ingame PM me (/magpielee wassup $%#*), gossip me if offline or forum pm me. All bids that meet the minimum price will be closed by Sunday 11:59am GMT. bye bye PS: yes I nicked the hot item thing PSS: C'mon mighty Toon, 3 pts this weekend vs the Toffees pls
  18. hi hi I am selling/buying these item(s)

    cool - leading offer (Utopia declined the bones) Firstly, don't remind me about Shay Given Secondly, do you sell / buy? Didn't think anyone would take those offers seriously Sorry 1 silver ore is not enough for the whole list. Besides, your name is too camp
  19. Story Bot Idea

    Prattler is similar right? I think its a nice idea, though admittedly, due to client constraints, I'd be probably be in that channel with my alt.
  20. Coordination in Invasions

    This looks cool How someone you think is trustworth may not be seen as trustworthy to others... Don't know how you will program a bot for something of this nature.
  21. Essences

    I agree with flexus
  22. Auction Leonard Furr!

    Since there's no minimum bid, I will bid 1gc