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  1. What do EL players drink?

    I drink anything depending on situation. Beer when chillin' or watching footie, wine with dinner, sake (warm) anytime. Alcopops or cocktails when clubbin Isn't there an option for all of the above?
  2. Negative Perk discussion

    If some perks are removed how will the characters that have them be affected? Since they are deeply imbedded into nexus'es and attribute points, would the removal of the perks decrease those pps spent? It would be too complicated to mass lower everyones abilities. Though I do agree that the perks need some reworking, or introduct a couple more.
  3. Chat log quotes

    This happened just now. -------- Drewcool: ploop Drewcool: wait ploop has discovered the one ring to rule them all. Drewcool: where did u find the ring -------- Credit to all the newbies out there!
  4. Evalin's weekly lucky draw

    Its not real money anyway...so I'll buy me a ticket and play again!
  5. Gryflet should be banned

    You could return the MM cape too. Lets just say it'll be good PR
  6. Lets get together

    I'm up for it but I dunno what you guys got planned. I mean...improvisation is cool but I don't wanna be walking around London like lost lambs. How many people are coming? And how many are tourists?
  7. Lets get together

    Youngsters?! Ban them! Give them some ASBOs! hah
  8. Lets get together

    A knee's up in London city? Cool - I'll check back in this post
  9. Terrorist attacks on London

    I went out into central the following day after the bombings. A couple of my mates said I was stupid but I shan't let any terrorists deter me from going about in my affairs. It was business as usual in my eyes...the stations were packed and there was a noticable police presence. My family and (as far as I know) my friends are ok. Even though this was in no way comparitale to the WTO, but it just showed that if terrorists wanted to, they can strike anywhere they wanted. They struck at a very decisive time when the G8 summit was being held - most of the security focus was channeled into the meeting of the worlds powerful leaders (justifiably so) and that obviously meant a dip in the security in the capital. I heard that Italy and Denmark are next (rumours). So its only a matter of time before they strike.
  10. Has my character been deleted?

    hey everyone. I used to play this game sometime early 2004 (from late 2003) and I wanna start playing again! But when I log in with my char it says that my char has been deleted! So either my username (magpielee or magpie_lee) has lost its password and I've forgotten about it. Or can my character be restored? I got to a pretty decent all-round low-mid level and took me ages to get to. Please help me get my char back!
  11. Has my character been deleted?

    Aahh shat! When did this happen? I had a decent mid lvl character who could tackle the baby gargoyles. I recreated and started again and there were SOO many things that were changed. The interface was shocking and there were soo many new features I got too dizzy.
  12. Footie fan guild?

    Whos doing it?
  13. Footie fan guild?

    Well well well! Nice to see someone from the Stratford ends representing the east side of London. But the Hammers? More like the Shammers Gettin' relegated with all those players you have...James, Carrick, Joe Cole, Paolo Di Canio, Sinclair, and Defoe. Even Lee Bowyer too. Come to think of it...I don't think you have any of those players now. Glen Roeder sure screwed it up a bit. Alan Pardew looks ok though. I seriously didn't want the West Ham boys to get relegated cus everyone was saying they were 'too good to go down' If only that certain...Trevor Brooking took up the managerial position... Catchy'a in game FOOOL
  14. Yeah this happens. I play EL on two different computers. 1 with 56k ATI Radeon 9200 and another with NVIDA (sp?) GeForce FX 5200 (I think). This is one a broadband connection BOTH crash the hell out of my computer. They are identical except for graphics cards and internet connection. The one on 56k ATI... just shuts down my computer without any warning at all. And play is usually very glitchy. The other one tells me that I have performed an Illegal Operation and before I can quit, it freezes and I have to use the power button on my computer to shut down. In both cases, as in every case where the game crashes it is very frustrating. At least I can be eaten by Grues on Non PK maps. I would dread to think what would happen if I was a PK map. Even more frustrating when I am talking about football stuff only to be crashed. I only wanna solve these two problems. I have recently installed the very latest of drivers for the NVIDA graphics card but I have yet to test it out. Is there anything I should know about EL? Does it crash when used in conjunction with any other programs? If so tell me here. I will tell you if EL still crashes with those new drivers for my NVIDA ones, but until then there is the problem with the ATI machine Any help will be fantastico!
  15. Playing EL...then suddenly my computer Shuts down!

    To be honest I thought by downloading the latest drivers, that the 'NVIDIA problem' would be sorted but my computer crashed again just now by me obliviously performing an 'Illegal Operation'. I don't think that downloading older drivers is good for my other games so I don't really want to take that step back into history. I am optimistic that you will be able to solve the problem with EL + NVIDIA so that it can be upto date with respect to the drivers. With the ATI one I will try downloading the latest drivers for that and try out EL (this happens on the weekend). I am not really too fussed about this one since it is the one with 56k connection. However, I am curious as to whether there are other people with this set up who gets the same problem as I did. For your information, I am using Windows 2000 on both machines. Oh well I am off the be eaten by Grues (whatever they are)
  16. Training

    To increase your load capacity you need to train at Bakart (Physique) and Gilrand (Coordination). They are located in Isle Prima, aka the newbie island of wher you start. They will only train you however, once you have completed quests for them.
  17. Playing EL...then suddenly my computer Shuts down!

    I know that there was a thread about it. (NVIDIA) But have you no answers for my ATI?
  18. Footie fan guild?

    Hey don't hate me because I am beautiful. Thanx for making me those leather panties. They fit really nice and tight. What fan are you? (Well apart from a fan of me)
  19. Illegal Opperation? ='(

    I get this and then some... At times when I am playing, I get done for performing an illegal operation and my whole computer freezes! Only the power button helps me get out of this one. Can you?