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  1. Classic IRC chat

    Bash ? Love it
  2. Best thing to sell?

    You've named some already IMO, steel bars pretty much sell like hot cakes. Air Essences are usually good sellers And there's always things like ingreds or base items
  3. How to enter the instance

    For the noob instance, if you have above average magic power (i.e. above average magic lvl and rationality) it might be worth bringing AE since the DC and yeti have mana. PS: Can some one with forum power change the topic title from Howto to How to?
  4. Easy rider

  5. Wicked Poisonous scorpions

    Actually I like the idea of a mini boss type creature. Having this one on TD would certainly bring more people over there. We should have more mini boss types like baby dragons, stone giants, zergs etc
  6. Guess the player name!

    We have a winner! Your turn
  7. Guess the player name!

    mmk, I'll post one since he's not bothered to check:
  8. 60-80 instance team building

    You'll be quite surprised actually. I'm certain that I had over 75 magic when I had low 60's a/d and I'm sure that others are the same too. The thing about high PC is that it also gives you emu space which is needed a lot. Thats not to say a combination of high coord/instinct for the toughness thing like you ask can't be done. Its just that with high PC you get hps as well as toughness as well as emu.
  9. 60-80 instance team building

    Technically you will not be able to enter the instance because your a+d is not 120 which is the minimum threshold to enter. Train up some 10+ A/d lvls and get a nice pc so you ar able to be included in parties. Also 31 magic isn't really going to cut it, I would recommend 100% no-fail restoration which comes at lvl 49.
  10. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I'll order a standard 10k Diamonds for 3.2gc per. Thats 32kgc all in. IGN = MagpieLee muchos gracias ;D
  11. Subforum for instances ?

    Thanx Aisy for implementing such a pr0 idea. I've signed up
  12. Sign up for "n00b" instances

  13. Summoning

    It does, you can cast spells every second out off combat,but only every two seconds when in combat. ... Yeah as apposed to the usual 1 second spell cast time interval when not in combat. Unless Erma, you thinking of something like 10% weaker spells? Might be a more realistic idea but thats not for this topic So true. Particularly the animals that have a fur with currently no use (like black panther). A few summon only creatures would be sweet - and by summon only I mean true summoning - not the stone mixing kind. Maybe we can have an NPC that sells the new required books (at a price) after you complete the quest needed for it (as well as give you a small chunk of summon exp - we already have these for manu and crafting). The nexus thing has always threw me off a bit. So adjusting a few of those (as well as some recipes) will be very welcome.
  14. Guess the player name!

  15. Alchemy Supply [v2]

    So....we can only order after the list you had in your first post is completed or can we order now?
  16. Guruzz's All Rounder Plan

    1k normal quartz and 1k iron please
  17. Old skool Pk event

    I just wanna say that it would be nice to see some proper high quality videos from this event, so if there's any uber YouTuber or someone with video skills, you should come and record it
  18. Dvarium

    luckily you can harvest whilst invis. A move for a rare ore on a dangerous non-pk map is an interesting idea. The area could also be highly toxic (no amount of spells/potions/armours can protect you from the damage) and there'd have to be a small confined area with a relative high concentration of the monster(s) oh and there IS a sink for tit longs...and used used to summon armed orcs. I'm not really the summoning type to comment on it but I'm sure that you get more bang for your buck making summoning stones. I tend to agree on changing the recipe to remove the EFE though... It would be interesting to see how many tit longs (and tit shorts) enter the game via manufacturing vs drops.
  19. Subforum for instances ?

    Another solution is to have yet another sticky (Actually it doesn't have to be a sticky) and list any players and which type of instances they goto e.g. Noob Instance 60-800 Player 1 (GMT +1) Player 2 (GMT +5) Player 3....21 The other Instance that I can't remember the name 80-100 Player x (EST) Player y Player z The pr0 Instance blah bleh blob .. Then its upto the players to form a party with the interested players that they like by just gossip pming them?
  20. I've been wondering about Draia for a bit now finding my feet slowly...but something I've noticed bugged me a bit. Players using really good gear training on low monsters? I'm not going to name any names or whatever, just wondering if this is the norm now that the market is saturated with these items. For instance, I've only just started using Iron Plate set on ogres. (And not the enhanced kind either, and no CoL). Before that I was juggling steel chains and augmented leathers. But...I've seen people with full Steel Plate, CoL, NMT with a tit shield. Another example is a player using full steel + CoL + tit shield on goblins... Maybe I'm way out of touch with today's credit crunching market situation but isn't that a little OTT? I'm sure some of the "older" people will know that it annoys them, but when I think about it, its not so much as annoyance as curiousity for me. I was kinda planning of stepping upto Steel Plate/Enhanced Iron after ogres (Fluffies or Clops or Armed Orcs) is that a step too far? SOO anyway, please post and gimme your thoughts Post any other examples you've seen of players using uberilicious gear on "lower" monsters. And when did you start using "good" gear on what monsters? If you're one of those players who hunt #beavers with ice dragon armour + thermal serps (exaggeration) then post and tell us about it. EDIT: I'm not 100% sure that this thread belongs in combat but its the closest section I can think of without belonging to general chat - so mods can move if needed.
  21. Guess the player name!

    Liquid...is correct
  22. Guess the player name!

    hmm you're getting colder...
  23. Auction a Black Dragon Set

    hi hi I'm selling this Black Dragon Set - with no helm. Auction starts at 290kgc Increments of 1kgc BIN price of 300kgc Auction ends with the highest bid by the 9th March 2009 (thats 5 days time) 18:00 GMT OR the bidder who chooses the BIN option. Preferred bids posted here, or forum PM'ed, but in-game PMs and gossip for offline will be okay.
  24. Guess the player name!

    hmm close guess - try again
  25. Guess the player name!

    LadyReni has asked me to have this go... ...and here it is: