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  1. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I am on GMT+0 Usually available to play from 6pm onwards BUT this fri (i.e. tomo), I'll be able to log in earlier. If not then the weekend.
  2. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Any member of GenX wanna help me and Nujac trade? We keep missing eachother :/
  3. One character per person at a time

    then set the afk time to 999mins?
  4. One character per person at a time

    We already have platinum coins that have very little use. Those can be used instead of programming another currency. But what about drop trades?
  5. To all our Friends!

    grats on your 200th post fireballs
  6. Why I like HELP guild

    Is this the first guild you were ever in?
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k Diamonds please
  8. Guess the player name!

    stupid random guess: nastume
  9. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    we keep missing eachother
  10. Contest, prizes worth ~1MGC

    Can't wait to get my share
  11. buy my stuff

    I offer 5555 for the damaged Iron Set PS: Rose Quartz at 4gc per? Damn price hikes!
  12. Events

    hmmm ok I guess I caught this thread too late as my thoughts have already been posted by various other people in the thread. It IS true that there have been a decreased number of events when compared to couple of years ago (when the Events team had 5 people? Not many now) - though not all events were ran by them. And it IS true that recent contests/invasions favour those in the western timezones. Ok so, the usual FIND ME contests cater for those who are skilled/patient enough to explore the game and through sheer graft and knowledge of locations in the game...don't they deserve something? I honed a lot of my fact finding from a certain Piper who used to hold lots of them. For those who are fighters and want to participate in some events, there are usually some PK contests...like this one here. There have been others in the past too (see Korrodes) Newbies with low skill lvls can drift through the game without knowing whats going on. They are not forgotten as newbie contests occur sometimes too with restrictions to their skill lvls. They deserve something too The PM contests - though has had some critiques, cater for those who win on just pure luck, so we need these too. On the occasion you may see raffles as well as events linked to the winner of the lottery (extra incentives). We need an objective contest where all have equal chance. Some people may not like them but there was a notable absence of one yesterday And for the RPers you've got weddings to attend...and there just happens to be one coming up! Here is the link. And yes there is a contest after that and no I will not be doing it If you're crap at everything but pr0 at siggy making, there has been some siggy contests (not many these days) Then we have those invasions which can be for anyone (even those bagjumpers!). But I'm not going to talk about that or this post may end up being too long. Anyway, I think I've got most of the groups here but this wasn't the intention of the posts. I'm just illustrating that there's a lot of variation here - we just need the frequency of them to creep up. There's also a problem with effort vs prize (as someone I can't remember already pointed out). You really wanna waste your time finding someone in a very remote place for an ELE? Contestants are smarter than that, the hoster should realise this too which is why some find me contests have not gone very far. There were some really good ones lately, anyone remember the map ones from Theladin? Or the ones with the bots acting as fake monuments? Sure there are some of the usual suspects who win but that can be attributed to many other factors. From my point of view, I don't really have a main skill that I can make money from (magic doesn't count), nor do I have a bot - so these contests actually help me stay in positive gc Also because I like the chase, and I am bored AND I have been working hard not to get myself seen on the blue spam except on The Joker I'm thinking that we could step up the number of contests or maybe get some fresh ideas into the whole events thing as a community. Those who have the power to #bc (i.e blue spam) should be available to help notify EL about player run contests which leads onto my next point... ...as players, if you can't beat them, JOIN THEM! Help with locations, clues, ideas, anything! If you don't get a nice response from mods, try again. Wanna donate some prizes? http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=44859 (Yes, I have donated, just anonymously). Oh, and thx to all those people who donated prizes (yes, including you Looter), and those who have hosted them Edit Free advertisement ftw Warning: Long post
  13. The rampaging Horde!

    GG It was good. Just a slight thing about the time (should be done 1-2 hr more later since the majority would still be at work/school) Wasn't many big big monsters but that will come in time MORE PLEASE
  14. Guess the player name!

  15. Places to train?

    this idea is actually really good...unfortunately it makes too much sense to fit into the EL way of things.
  16. Radioactive Titanium Long Sword

    I'm out Good luck
  17. Radioactive Titanium Long Sword

  18. Many Improvements

    1. Variation would be good. You can go about this in two different ways. Would this be client side only (i.e. see your own "life of the character" or will it require server changes? You mean things like jumping/yawning/waving etc? I think many of these have been done before, and they are unfortunately very low on the to-do section. Unless of course, there's these would be like a P2P feature and people will pay $ to use them. And as for things like the unicorn, yes more of these would be nice - not just unicorns but different life forms. Dogs and cats and a flying friendly dragon in Idaloran ;D 2. Tbh you're probably on the right track. It will make hit and run a great tool - but because this means that there is no engagement, running away would be easier (e.g. because there is no engagement - you can just click on a telering to escape). This means less deaths, less rosto usage and therefore decreasing the amount of income from the game, so I doubt this idea will develop further. What you've suggested about the run button has been suggested before but under stamina for running which imo is a great idea. Not many people use the running potion and it would be a shame since running in EL has been a wet dream for many players for so long (like range and horses ) 3. I could have sworn the Magic system has been "under review" for like...4+ years now There may be some new additions though...as there are currently 10 sigils left in the sigils box and so far the most complex of spells use 4 out of a maximum 6 sigils. I hope that whatever the case may be, any new additions acknowledge that mages (yes there are mages ingame that aren't uber fighters) usually have below average emu and can't carry much st00f not to mention the uberlicious MI spell
  19. Reiki is looking for a guild

    Do you like pasta?
  20. Guess the player name!

    that was a good one anima, nice standards I think khalai almost got my orchideja one too
  21. Silver Weapons / Gold Weapons

    I like this idea Enhanced Quarter Staff (Qstaff, 4 polished diamonds, 4 silver bars, 12 FE) 8-16 damage, 5 def, 6 acc, 6 crit to hit, +2 crit to damage +5 atta vs undead
  22. Summoning

    I wouldn't mind a 5 sec cooldown either when doing true summoning. I guess now with tiger/bear/spider stones bypassing MI, you could put a 5s+ on those stones too :~)
  23. Guess the player name!

  24. Alchemy Supply [v2]

    Put me on the waiting list for 2k Energy Essence please good sir
  25. Guruzz's All Rounder Plan

    Its been a few days...anything happening with this?