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  1. harvester medallions

    I'll take one for 6kgc ;D
  2. Guess the player name!

    devil boy
  3. Guess the player name!

  4. Small storage sale

    I'll take your skunk hats
  5. Easy cash! 2

    I'll throw in a prize of 100 vials if its pulled out by the end of 15th April 23:59 GMT
  6. Alchemic Supplies

    this is awesome. I'll take 2k energy
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k cactus please dudes
  8. EL 'trailer' movie needed (with contest)

    do you have a deadline in mind? Or 2nd, 3rd prizes? (I think there should be to encourage more players)
  9. Fake contest holder.

    Personally I hate time wasters, and birdcamp should shut the fudge up next time. Things like this is annoying but I doubt you'd be able to make him pay up from this fake contest holder (and lets face it he did break the rules and looks like he's going to escape punishment again). Either way, if/when I hold a contest, he'll won't be able to partake
  10. Guess the player name!

  11. Ozmondius the serper

    Personally if I was in Oz' situation, I would have just taken a spawn anyway and PMed you "All the others are taken, so I'm taking this spawn", but thats just me. I actually remember quite a few times in PV, trying to get 1 of the 2 spawns of Ogre and the other person there looked pissed, wtf? Though healing a spawn is considered a semi-outlawish act, I think this whole thing is a misunderstanding.
  12. discouraging bag mixing ?

    Then why this post? Since there's already mums on iotf. And for someone not having known the Zirankinbar maze and Choyun's bar factory, you complain about nothing in comparison. The old Zirankinbar <3 Cho_yans bar factory <3 Topic: I tend to agree what everyone else apart from the thread creator is saying. And I think we should expect more changes not only to "discourage bag mixing" as you call it, but because some of the ingred locations aren't final. I don't do any big max mixing, only small ones that I can handle (except in a groupie)
  13. Guess the player name!

    lol silence you The answer was ladyaz (First pic: Lady Gaga Second pic: Bum (aka an ass))
  14. Guess the player name!

    Raz got it
  15. Guess the player name!

    Here's a new one: Quite easy!
  16. newhope bagjumper

    Wow cool, I'm glad you posted this thread! Thanks for the opportunity for me to post, I remember this as if it was yesterday... (The following chat log has been editted to remove #gms, pms and irrelevant spam. I've left the other @6 in here so you can take a look at all your own logs) [00:30:11] [PYEwacket @ 6]: yeah i heard that too dilly :s [00:30:12] [LyedanRoth @ 6]: it was right in the middle,,then it poofed,,not killed [00:30:26] [LyedanRoth @ 6]: then a ton of orcs came [00:30:35] [sora_Barzahd @ 6]: Maybe it flew away [00:30:39] [Aledezar @ 6]: anyone know whats in annitora? [00:30:41] [LyedanRoth @ 6]: lol [00:30:42] You climb the ladder into the arena. You feel a strong summoning power here. [00:30:47] Resync with the server... [00:31:00] [stormie @ 6]: ogres that i can see [00:31:02] elveron found the meaning of life. [00:31:09] [elveron @ 6]: stupid. [00:31:11] [franklinhottois @ 6]: wats in ws got the bag around about here, but it was either already pre-looted or I went on the wrong one [00:31:15] [MagpieLee @ 6]: Elveron yes, but I got it [00:31:45] [sora_Barzahd @ 6]: Hm..No bag [00:31:46] [elveron @ 6]: magpie ty [00:31:48] [Golemer @ 6]: I'd like some fem orcs where tombolaru is the lottery dude would be good leveling rofl [00:32:00] [halil @ 6]: 1 dragon dead [00:32:02] MagpieLee: hello [00:32:02] elveron: ty [00:32:08] [LyedanRoth @ 6]: lol [00:32:10] elveron was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you. [00:32:44] MagpieLee: what else was there? [00:32:45] [jbone @ 6]: yes!!!!!!!!!! [00:32:55] elveron: did you get the metal pants and feet? [00:33:16] elveron: magpie. [00:33:22] MagpieLee: I don't think there were any and there wasn't made me think that I got the wrong bag. And before you think, no I didn't loot the metal pants and feet since I still have 2 iron, 1 e-iron and 1 tit "metal pants and feet", there wasn't need for more [00:33:34] You have been saved! [00:33:35] elveron: well, i win some i lose some [00:33:36] MagpieLee: I did the get all, and the bag poofed [00:33:41] elveron: thanks for saving stuff. for me [00:33:56] elveron: call it a night. [00:34:07] MagpieLee: night night [00:35:20] [MagpieLee @ 6]: LOTSA ogres in Anitora! \o/ heaven ...And the rest is history I hope that this clearly demonstrates that pictures alone do not provide the substantial proof to prove that someone is a Db-looter.
  17. More quests have been in the pipeline (or have been claimed that they were in the pipeline) for so damn long. Same goes for general NPCs and stuff. The only new quests available are god quests. The suggestion to have more quests have been suggested before that could just mean there's more demand for it. Personally I want to see more quests
  18. Hyperbags....dung :P

    damn that buga
  19. Storage Clear Out !

    888gc for this
  20. Storage sale

    I'll go one better and offer 2k on the branches & yew if you sell me the matter ess
  21. selling 5k titanium bars

  22. Should selling gc for $ be banned

    If in theory, gc <--> $$$ is outlawed, people will adapt and start using other items as currency. There already have been trades of items <--> $$$ So unfortunately this will not work...
  23. selling 5k titanium bars

  24. selling 5k titanium bars

  25. EL Polls

    Anything poll - count me in.