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  1. New Quest time!

    I agree with the above poster
  2. BURN is a bagjumping guild

    I find your lack of faith disturbing. Your powers are weak old man But seriously though cyrcosim, I don't know why you're even bothering to defend yourself and your guildmate... You've both been banned for various reasons and there are many reports saying the same thing (you bagjumping etc.). Don't you think you should stop resisting and embrace the dark side completely? You'll always just be a stupid fake if you don't
  3. BURN is a bagjumping guild

    Wow thats very hypocritical, seeing as you are the one who cares the most to go through all the trouble to write a macro, you care enough to try to distribute the macro and you care so much that even after getting banned you begged to return and you're still here. You are a care bear
  4. Quest time!

    I agree with the above poster I agree, BUT it was added only recently and as you know, it takes time for the Ency to catch upto the game
  5. Day of Schools

    I have yet to hear of a engineering school or a magic school that properly works
  6. BURN is a bagjumping guild

    I pked this douchebag once and he had a massive go at me for some odd reason. Anyway, watch out for him and his friend cycrosism (previously banned returnee) too
  7. Important notice for young people

    I totally agree
  8. New top 3

    Wtf don't stop now Dugur, you need to reach #1. There are very few players that have high magic with relatively low a/d so you should definitely go for it PS: MD with me sometime
  9. New special day, will you use it?

    No, with the way "magic schools" (lól) are currently implemented I will definitely not use it. I really think you should take another look at how to seriously implement magic schools. On the other hand, I see the appeal if I was into the other proper skills like manu/crafting etc. edit: I can't believe this isn't a poll!
  10. Storage Sale

    99gc + 4 Fruit + 19 Vegs + 1 HE + 2 bones Willing to negotiate. For you they're free BTW Added new items, updated prices and added special offer j00 are teh uberlicious
  11. Storage Sale

    99gc + 4 Fruit + 19 Vegs + 1 HE + 2 bones Willing to negotiate.
  12. New item: Tunic of the Ninja

    were you standing in a well lit place for this test cruella?
  13. Storage Sale

    I'll take all your potions of minor heal
  14. Storage Sale

    Since there isn't a first come first serve basis.... Save me 10k of your precious diamonds please? Cheers Fl00jster. I'll catch you ingame hopefully
  15. Script needed to change all the maps.

    I resent this statement
  16. Alchemic Supplies

    did you guys change your char names? I haven't noticed any of you guys online lately I'll be online maybe later tonight but for sure on the weekend
  17. Guess the player name!

    we need moar clues
  18. Selling 30k Tree Mushrooms

    2k gc for the lot
  19. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I would like to ordddddddddddder 5000 Emeralds + 5000 Diamonds = 15000 + 16500 = 31500gc
  20. Selling iron set

    I'll take the 1k Quartz for 1.5k
  21. Swammy and Salt harvesting shop

    I'll take max order on this too! :wub:
  22. Swammy and Salt harvesting shop

    5k Iron Ore please (and 10k White Asiatics if needed for a second batch) thanks
  23. Guess the player name!

  24. Baldarin

    I agree with the above poster, wearing such expensive items without a rostogol stone... thx for informing I guess
  25. Some game!

    my brute beat Lozza too. he was lvl one...but I forgot the pssword