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  1. Guess the player name!

    good guess but nope
  2. Guess the player name!

  3. Michael Jackson dead.

    Actually I didn't answer it because it wasn't directed at me. If it was? My answer would of course be no (I don't even have a 10 yr old so), but that doesn't necessarily mean that his music is crap. And to be honest, most fans of MJ wouldn't care - that's the whole point that you're missing. People who are big fans of his music won't care much about his madness.
  4. Guess the player name!

    I will guess DMan
  5. Guess the player name!

    lol yes...the place was Picadilly Circus. ur turn
  6. Guess the player name!

  7. Guess the player name!

    Easy...no? Clue: Whats in a name?
  8. Guess the player name!

  9. Guess the player name!

    You are correct but that doesn't prevent you looking like a complete dumbass!
  10. Guess the player name!

    I'll blow off the dust on this thread since its gone a bit cold
  11. C2 Population

    I float about both but I spend most of my time in C2. Some storages on C2 can be quite empty but that's probably because there are other storages that are better in terms of convenience or harvest/spawns. Very Quiet storages - Melinis, Thelinor Quiet storages - Arius, Willovine, Iscalrith, Active storages - Irsis, Glacmor Busy - SRM, PV, EVTR This is what I perceive of the storages of C2. There are some missing I know but you get the idea. What's all your opinions?
  12. Michael Jackson dead.

    Care? MJ will always be Michael Jackson to me. Sure you can say Michael Jordan who is a household name in the US and maybe a few other countries but MJ - Michael Jackson is a household name across the globe. I'm not going to get drawn is the stupid debate on heroes/legends/genius because quite frankly any logical and rational arguments will fall on deaf ears. Doesn't matter because some people seem to forget that it's ALL OPINION ANYWAY.
  13. Michael Jackson dead.

    I totally agree. The man is a legend. I don't really care about his innocent behaviour or his court proceedings (he was proven not guilty anyway and the other case was settled outside because he couldn't be bothered - he had enough of media speculation and wanted it to be settled privately). I'm a big fan of his and gutted not to see him in action. I tried to get tickets for his London gigs but I couldn't The man and his music is just amazing. Tbh I can't believe all the haters out there who want to turn a blind eye for all of his efforts for the fight to make the world a better place and his multi-million selling records. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Why don't people talk about other convicted paedo's, rapist, murderers etc. they seem to only want to talk about MJ...? Stop all this vigilante-type posting on a now deceased legend please, you're not impressing anyone. And yes I accept that he was mental. But then again, most people classed as 'genius' are a bit mental anyway and MJ being the massive genius that he is, was way below the socially accepted behaviour. Yes, little Paris speech was teary I'm planning to go to his musical soon. Thriller on Shaftsbury Avenue in London (it's been out for a while, way before his death)
  14. Your favorite addition or change in EL...

    C2 and skunk hats
  15. A Lil' Help? (:

    You can just go straight to gobbies dude, no question about it. In fact you should already been dealing with them now because their ignore lvl is 21 and that means you'd have to walk around attacking them like a chump instead of you just walking over to them and letting them attack you (less effort ftw) Keep your PC on the low side until you want to break it up a bit to tackle things like skels/gargs/large spiders (careful - they paralyse) If you have read the fighting books + augmented armours + BRs, then you should be fine. I can't really give you a decent attribute setup cus atm mine is a bit of a disgrace.
  16. storage sale

    15gc for the skunk hat
  17. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Inorganic Removal stone - from Tiger Lillies in PV (this was long ago) recently a phys removal stone from MM silver
  18. Your play times

    First vote! 1-2 hours for me, everyday. Short but sweet
  19. Custom Clothing

    I use it but I would say my design isn't as "intrusive" or "extravagant" as others. It used to me only for me to see but since the custom clothing thing has gone live (so to speak), I see others have got lotsa OTT designs. Any notion of quality control is can be subjective - beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? At the moment I am using my laptop so it doesn't have all the gizmo's required to see the custom clothing thing and I must say that its quite refreshing to see the old classic EL clothes.
  20. storage cleaning

    I offer 187gc for all Skunk hats
  21. BURN is a bagjumping guild

    How do you figure? I think I remember a post saying that he was banned from forums but after reviewing it, it seems that that part is gone
  22. sulfur on isla prima

    I'd have to make an alt and use the newbie storage for this. Get lotsa sulphur double quick time!
  23. BURN is a bagjumping guild

    And because Dan131 is banned and you are the other BURN member to represent them.
  24. Changes in Harm spell.

    This sounds like a typical knee-jerk reaction post for some kind of death or humiliation and is now being tarted up as a "suggestion"