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  1. Hethersett500

  2. Does anyone know what are the breakrates for these two weapons are?
  3. Staff of Protection and Staff of the Mage

    low as in 1/100k or something? I *have* heard of some breaking pretty easily and because they don't have a second state (i.e. damaged, pre-owed, used, second-hand) they still can be pretty risky considering their prices.
  4. Kill the post above

    Its all about blinds baby!
  5. Dolamar Bagjumper

    Just curious, you also commited the "crime" of not using a ros stone when wearing items such as CoL. Honestly if you can afford to buy a COL (60kgc) then you can easily afford a rosto (20kgc). I dug out the prices to be the excessive top end of the market but I hope people will take lessons and learn not to strut around sporting nice gear and lose it to DB jumpers. As for the Dolamar incident - I think its fair to say without considerable doubt that Dolamar is probably guilty. What a pity that Dolamar isn't here to stand his ground and speak about it from his point of view
  6. E_mc2 and wared scammers

    Emc2 tried to lure me into Zira PK too and lets just say he's not going to be winning any oscars anytime soon Admittedly though I don't condone what these scammers do, you can't help but marvel at their innovative and inventive approach to getting drops in this climate.
  7. Recent BIG CHANGES in Fighting

    I struggle with them: Full enhanced iron plate (which I love, enhanced by molime). CoL 20/12/67/72 Armed female orcs I can just about handle with a bone. I'd need to heal once per 1-2 orcs (depending on a/d astro). Armed male orcs I find troublesome - even with a serp sword I'd need to heal 1-2 per orc. Sometimes it seems like they are harder. If I downgraded to iron plate or auggies I don't think I'd be able to handle them yet. I know you didn't ask for it, but I used to train on Lions but that can't happen now that they have 140hp and beefy a/d/p/c. They are like cyclops now. Edit: Few changes and my vit is 4
  8. I didn't get the impression he meant harvesting events, but events that happen just by being on that sort of map for any reason. I agree, different types of harvesting events would be cute. I didn't either but thats what I'm assuming he/she meant...unless he/she really did just want random damage to crop up when you're mapwalking through random maps. Either way, it can be upto the mapmaker if she/he wanted to add damage. Some working and new examples include: Arius: Where you walk to the Gypsum, you get hit by the falling rocks - currently you suffer no damage per step but you could add something minimal like 1 damage. Bethel: You can fall into quicksand - currently does nothing but you could change this to stun you for two combat rounds (like a snare) Mount of Sorrow - high cold damage here (working example). AA Fortress - there's a poison room here that works by removing life over time and not per step. AA caves have a very toxic room anyway. Zirakinbar - if anyone remembers them, there were a few radiation (I don't know if the damage was radiation but it looked like it) pits that were removed. In MM you can have poisoning gas pockets for the plants on the swamp, avalanches at the diamonds at irinveron... In some hazardous rooms in magic schools you could have magic damage dealing traps. Oblivion has a part where you get hurt per step of high heat damage and also heat damage over time (I think there's a cave in Melinis that does higher damage?). I guess you could be much more liberal and inventive when looking over each map and deciding what to add and where and taking into account who will most likely get to them (e.g. I wouldn't want to add +15 cold damage everytime I walked over IPs "Have you no respect for the dead!?" I think there's a damage type thats just pure damage so the white text or whatever can turn it into anything you want... KJ "You walk under a tree where a monkey throw's a coconut at you!" - you suffer 5 hp damage. CC: Where there is broken magic telepad - you suffer 1 magic damage. You mean PV? Edit: Nvm I see your edit
  9. Although I do like the idea to bring a bit of variety to harvesting on different maps, I think it's overkill to have new objects like lotion or swamp boots (I know you cited these as examples but I'm just saying anyway). If we can have a mapmaker define all the different map types (swamp, cold, desert, etc). Then we can think of one or two random events.
  10. Augmented Armor

    Yes there is Leather helms are 1 Iron helms are 2 Augmented leather helms can be 1-2 armour (along with its innate high breakage rates that it shares with the other augmented leathers) Leather boots are 1 Iron greaves are 2-3 Augmented leather boots can be 1-3 armour. The current augmented leather armours have a range so these could follow the same trend. And yes it might just help with the monotomy of thousands of normal leather helms (depending on if the ings vs exp is favorable).
  11. Auction: Enhanted Iron Cuisses

    8k here
  12. Augmented Armor

    The only "problem" I have with augmented armours is that I would love to see augmented leather helms and augmented leather boots (this one especially because the next boot up is iron greaves which uses the ever rare EFE). Apart from that augmented armours or "auggies" are arguably the best armour sets in the game.
  13. Hoarding poll

    I voted this and that. One of the reasons why we tend to hoard is that the % rate to get those rare items "enriched ess, stones" were set so low and in some cases = 0. With that in mind, every rare thing I come across I tend to hoard it. That and I just like collecting those rare sparkly enriched ess (I don't have that many compared to some) I think I've read that you set the rate to 0 to prevent hoarding, but in actual fact you're encouraging it. The "played a long time" counts as well - back when Serpent stones were as cheap as 300gc, I bet there are some old accounts with some 30+ of serp stones alone. Most of my own collection of rare items were from playing a long time. I reckon most players are canny enough to wait until a recycling day or reconstruction (or any other nice special day I've forgotten) to dust off their enriched essies and stones to use them.
  14. minerals, ores and clearing other items

    1400 gc for all the Q-Staves
  15. Potion of speed Hax FAQ

    Pretty useful info. Now we can spam this to those who need answers.
  16. Axes

    Wizzy j00 n00b lol that doesn't bridge the gap - for one thing thats human 7 (comparing Q-staffs human 2 and SotM/SoP human 5). As for axes, I'd love for them to be tweaked so that they will be more useful. I would also agree to the notion to let them be new drops and have trik able to buy from you. (Could work with fixing drops of unpopular spawns).
  17. Axes

    I do like some of Cyproms ideas - we already have a book of enchanted weapons book And on that note I would like to see a new staff to bridge the gap from Quaterstaff <--> Staff of the mage/Staff of protection :> (something like a titanium staff would rock)
  18. Should you stop playing EL

    lol Lab. Funny stuff - even for the unmarried like me
  19. Removing TS effect

    ok for the most part - I agree. It just turns the whole concept of that potion into a complete joke. "I naaw have tru site so i can c more clearly how 2 get moar exp". Illogical. BUT as this can cause many bitching and stuff, I think the cap should be changed from -15 to -8 or something and then we'll see how it goes. Also, on the note of other changes, you can't take with both hands, you need to add some of the more popular monster/creatures and find out why some monsters are so called "untrainable". Take with one hand, and give with another Just know that you can't directly compare between the training of today and the training of the past. Back then, there were no attribute caps and restoration meant full health. Things are a bit different now, esp with the addition of astro. I for one would like to see cyclops and armed orcs weakened by a fraction as currently - they hit way too hard for my "low" toughness to withstand. Plus, their drops suck too compared to the much loved ogres (drops can be an important factor to some).
  20. Storage for Sale :)

    I'll offer 110gc for all your skunk hats.
  21. Storage for sale

    I bid 3.5k
  22. Cheap sto sale

    Min bid for the 5 steel sheields and 8 moonies
  23. Copper and Tin - Lack of Demand

    Did you forget about Bronze armours? PS: I would love to see some wearable rings - even if its a crappy bronze ring, it would be a nice addition.
  24. Searches didn't turn up with anything Can we please reduce the window size of drop bags? Currently they are like this clicky A massive 50 squares of different items that most of the time we won't use (even if we die with a full inventory and equipment slots all drop, we can still only drop 44 different items). The only time I can see more then 50 is when people quit the game and drop their items. Its pretty annoying when it comes to collecting drops Another reason is to help those with smaller resolutions. I would like it to be changed into this click Looks much prettier! You can see only the top 25 items now and its got a nice scrolly thing just incase. Now you can see more of EL and not through the many windows And if you prefer the old type, why not have the option to reduce the drop bag window size or keep it to its original cumbersome size. The pics were all done in MS Paint. Tags: Reduce, Window, Size, Drop, Bag, Smaller, Resolution, Widget
  25. making some space

    I'll take the skunk hat for 1 feasting potion