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  1. I increased my gamma option in EL (latest git update). When I'm switching to Win 10 desktop the gamma from EL is disabled. Great ! But when I go back to EL it stays disabled (mean back to original brightness and gamma).


    How to force EL to keep the Screen with increased gamma, after switching back from Windows 10 ?




  2. Hi there,


    I just found out that the eltime-appindicator (Version 0.9.1) for Linux (installed from package Manager) doesn't work on Mint Mate 19.3.


    Is there another applet I can use ? Or another utility ?


    Since the el-bot service & Mercator Information Service webpage didn't display the right information I cannot see if there is a special day in EL without connecting on it.



  3. Both are the same Version 1.9.8 64 bit


    Today I launch EL as usual on Linux and... tada...: Note: storage categories need to be learnt by selecting each category.


    15 hours ago, Baba_Hanouna said:

    The receipe now work, I forgott to copy item_lists... But for the spell quickbar it just doesn't appear left from inventory slots on the right of the EL Window.


    I tried to copy item_lists.txt and item_categories.txt to the data folder AND /.elc/main again, but didn't work

  4. Hello


    I have EL 1.9.8 (from ppa) on my Linux Mint Mate 19.3. All is ok, sound + maps installed. The sound is working great. But when I try to type "This is a test message" nothing happen. I tried to change the sound_warnings.txt file from default to alert4 = You stopped. Didn't work.


    I asked ig but it seems the file are at the right place (el folder).


    Any hint ?