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Story Intro Design System:

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Ok, I think I found it, I did some major researching into mmorpg story design and came up with this story conclusion.


Section 1: The parts of the story

Section 2: Why I made the story

Section 3: The story





Ok I looked up at the local library on video games specifically rpgs, I came up with a nice definition for it but I had to dig a little deeper to find what makes up the story portions of an mmorpg.


I came up with one conclusion and did a contrast with the current EL.


This is what I came up with.




It’s not a real personal story it’s all - technical really. This is just a story design is that is widely accepted amongst almost all mmorpgs with a story.

The concept of the story is unique but the design is the same.




The world was in turmoil as men of power gathered to conquer all the land, the ones left; the last bastion of hope lied in the women and men who the cognation of evil saw to rule.


Almost fifty years after the horrific battles the lands are scared and now instead of battle the people aim to rejuvenate the lands and renew eternal peace.


Enter the Eternal Lands and help undo the damage that was done, from hunting and rebuilding to the purging of unsettled souls.


Claim your stake and make yourself a legend in a world of thousands of players. Leave your mark in the Eternal Lands.




That’s the usual design, and then from there once you play the game the actual story is pretty vague, not strong at all.

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