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Kilaran Fields Part 2

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The Great War - Chapter 2.2



By Silencio



Kilaran Field, part 2


Tasyl shouted: “Darin, you are now the one in control here. I will head south and the other two commanders are going to Corren in hope of help.â€

Before Darin could say a word, Tasyl rode of to Southern Kilaran.


“All right everyone gather†Darin shouted.

All the man were gathering around and both Sealor and Giando, captains of respectively Garisn and Baarg, came to him.

“What can we do to stop this menace, or at least delay the uprising of the orcs and skeletons?†Sealor was looking concerned. He was, of all three, least experienced in commanding and making strategies.

“I think we should get ourselves to a place were we could block the way of those skeletons, those Orcs are of later concern.â€

Darin tried to think of a way to do this, but couldn’t come up with much.

“I got one idea, but failure means certain death to all of us. We should make our horses flee into the mountains, with a few of our men, in case we survive and as scouts, to report if all has gone as I hope it will.â€

“Now tell us of our plans Darin†Giando said.

“Skeletons don’t have much power in them, if we could only get them forced into the passage to Southern Kilaran, we could block there way to the south. As of then they won’t cooperate, we have to block the path to Kilaran as well. I know that the Orcs will probably free them easily, but it will give our allies much extra time. If it fails though, all of Carmien will be flooded by skeletons or the skeletons will get head to us, placing us between them and the Orcs.â€

“Sounds like our only opportunity to get out of here alive, if we get it working we will be able go to Corren and defend the people there.â€, Sealor answered, “But this will mean there is no way of helping the Carmien people.â€

“It’s the only thing we can do.â€



Mortos and Selain were both liking the suffering at Mynadar and Kilaran fields, but especially Mortos wasn’t paying attention for the news that was spreading. His was had began, and he liked it to much to notice the riders heading west nor the rider heading south.

Mortos was looking at the battles that happened in Kilaran fields, while some men were fleeing south others were slightly heading south aswell, taking all the skeletons behind them.

Mortos commanded the orcs to enter Kilaran fields at that time, they should go south, but what if these humans were up to something?

He couldn’t take to much notice of that, the Orc army outnumbered the survivors of the guild wars with so many, that some could easily go to Corren, without going through Carmien first.



Now that the riders of Kilaran had prepared the road blocks, the skeletons started to enter the passage to Southern Kilaran. All seemed to go well, the skeletons were blocked on both sides, and when the riders headed to Corren, there hope broke like glass.


Because the evening took over the day the Orcs weren’t seen early enough to rethink the strategy.

Darin saw a scout galloping back to the group.

“Sir, Sir, there are Orcs between us and Corren, they are only half a mile away.â€

Giando replied: “to make it even worse, the north and east is also filled with Orcs. Our only chance for survival are the mountains we took the skeletons in.â€

“This can’t be, we cant make those skeletons get on the loose. Our problems are big enough with these Orcs everywhere, we have to face them and if we stand long enough, we will be able to pass without fighting the skeletons.â€


Even thought the men of Kilaran were professional fighters, they weren’t trained for such a large force of Orcs.

By the time the Orcs made it to the defences of the Kilaran’s, these defences were organised. Men now were stationary at all important defensive points around the passage entrance.

The Orcs didn’t give them time to do there tactics though, they were slaughtered by the Orcs, giving those free exit to the mountains and the skeletons were let loose to Carmien.


“Selain, look at that. Those humans didn’t stand a chance. The Orcs will reach Kamara before the night falls.â€

“Mortos let’s face Southern Kilaran and Corren for the time being now, you don’t want to miss any fun do you?â€

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Unless I edited this story before:

Here are some errors I found:

rode [of] to Southern Kilaran -- off

All right[] everyone gather†Darin -- "all right, everyone"

the [man] were gathering around -- men

take [to] much notice of that -- too

of that,[] the Orc -- for

so many[,] that some -- "so many that some"

[and] when the riders -- but

Corren, [there] hope broke -- their

over the day[] the Orcs -- "the day, the Orcs"

can’t be, we [cant] make -- can't

Even [thought] the -- though

time to do [there] tactics though[,] they -- their :"tactics though. They":

“Mortos[] let’s face Southern Kilaran -- "Mortos, let's"

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...All right[] everyone gather†Darin -- "all right, everyone"...

*whispers* it's *alright :P

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Both can be used, but 'all right' is the standard, and 'alright' the non-standard version.


Stick with 'all right'.



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well James Joyce can do no wrong as far as i'm concerned, so i'm sticking with the non-crusty alright :P

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