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Declaring Multiple Accounts

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Guest Guest_mikala

I am declaring that there are three computers in my home. There are two laptopes and one desktop. All three of these connect with the same IP address and we have three players in the house that may be on at any time. Do we have to declare every time more than one of us is on or will this time be sufficient? It seems I am the reason this declaring business got started in the first place and I would prefer not to be banned innocently again. I am sorry if I caused anyone grief or pain over my questioning the ban, however, I wanted to know what the deal was because to a new player who feels as if she has done her best to be polite and kind to everyone in the game the ban mesage that I had done something "nasty" was slightly offensive to me. Furthermore, when I did as I was instructed and came to this forum, no one answered me to tell me why I had been banned. In short, I am sorry for the confusion but I hope you can imagine how frustrating it was for me. I do like playing el and I am glad that this situation is being resolved. Besides having folks declare here that they are playing from the same IP address, it might be a good idea if mods gave warnings before they banned someone because everyone may not have seen this announcement. I did not know about this site until I had been banned and was instructed to come here.

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