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Guest CarlosDeLaRia

A Little Error

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Guest CarlosDeLaRia

Hello I am the owner of CarlosDeLaRia and I was banned tonight (without notify).


I think moderators used the rule:


9. No multiple accounts on at the same time, that help each other. That is, it's OK to have two characters online, if one stays and does nothing, or does something totally different than the other, and they don't interact (trade, exchanging items, train on each other, etc.)


I have two characters, I never connected both at the same time, so that don't go agaisnt the rules.


I think the problem is that when I use the CarlosDeLaRia account is when I play with my brother, with whis FannaAnna account. We are in different computers, but they connect to Internet across a router, so we have the same public IP. May be the moderators thought that we were the same person.


There is no problem, because we have dinamic IP. We restarted the router to have a different IP, and we can play, but I thought I should communicate to the moderators.




PS: What are these "Ants" guys? What about people that have attack 350? Aren't they cheating?

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