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Break in thought.

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The church rules EL basically, there are many gods but each fall under one worship.


The player joins the religion and embarks on their journey, only to uncover a dark history in how the church came to be.


In a failed confrontation the church brands you a heretic and the story begins. The king of the land is seperate from the church however even he knows it is healthier for him to side with the church, the people (npcs) are mindless puppets of the lies that have been placed as truths.


Commander of the Imperial army and legend amungst soldiers Ilan Thunder Mane is wise but very distracted, the church knowing that if a man of that much influence amung the soldiers were to see the truth then tides would shift, however they cannot smear him as they still need him to fight off Galduchi's Army.


As the web is being woven the player visits the head church of (Some town) Only to learn of the churchs plot of total domination using the gods. The church had orchestrated the entire war to distract the two sides, and were intending to assasinate the King Narlude of the Imperial Army.


On a mad rush back to warn the king you encounter Leoni the assasin sent to kill the king, however he is disguised as a traveling apprentice to a merchant. He learns of your plot and tells you a false short cut to the king (Story plot) he kills the king and you encounter him much later again.


The Imperial Army has no king and Galduchi seems to be the only side to blame, the war begins and the church begins its true plot.


The assasination og Galduchi's the 5ths daughter in place of him was also planed out, now the war has been provoked on both ends.


The player meets Ilan and convince him his life is in grave danger, Ilan visits the church leaders for conference of their deeds but is then viewed as a heretic and pushs himself into self exile but is still being hunted.


The player finds Ilan through a tamed dragon, Ilans wife is a dragon master.


However Ilan feels as though he cant do anything because everything is run by the church. Now with the kings advisor (a agent of the church) ruling the Imperials the only chance left is to find the kings exiled heir.


Learning of this plot from a spy the church prepares a welcome party for the sons return.


On the other side Galduchi's Army and their people have gone into a depression, the people shun their king and turn to the church for saving. The church feeds them the lies to blind even the most outgoing civilian of what is really happening.


----------------Bla that's all so far.


Its decent but has to be toned down for it to be online >.<

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