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Chapter 1: The eye in the pendelum

Which Story?  

  1. 1. Which Story?

    • The Sleeper Story
    • The Open Ended Story
    • NORMAN!!!
    • Those are ok, but ya gotta try something; a little more.

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Player: I didn't know then what had happened, or how it had happened to begin with. I knew I had questions though, I knew that many others had to have questions as well. I guess I'd better head off, I might find something of interest hopefully.





Orin (Young Boy): ...


Player: ...


Orin: What!?


Player: I was just wondering why your not as talkative as most of the other town folk.


Orin: I'm just a bit tired, that's all.


Player: From?


Orin: Chasing this wolf down.


Player: A WOLF!? Aren't you a bit young to be worried about those?


Orin: Oh, I see... no it's just a pet wolf. When it gets outside it gets a little wild and runs off. He's so sensitive, he wouldn't hurt a thing, I'm worried he might run into other wolves in the woods and this is the longest it's ever taken me to find him.


Player: I'll see what I can do, do you know if any of the other towns people have seen him before he ran off?


Orin: Old lady Beth might have, I saw him run off in her area before he vanished.


Player: Ok when I come back it will be with your friend.




Beth: A wolf you say? Oh Orin's pet poodle, that thing? I figure as much I don't know why he keeps calling the thing a wolf. I think I saw it run off over to the woods a bit, I think my nephew Illandor might be over there chopping some wood.


Player: Thank you ma'am.




Illandor: A poodle? No, haven't seen one of those...


Player: How about a wolf?


Illandor: Oh ya, I saw one of those go by not too long ago, It scared me a bit at first then I realized it was Orins' by the brown streak on its side. I tried to get it back but it was just so determined to go deeper into the woods.


Player: (Sigh) Ok, so it's deeper in the woods?


Illandor: I guess but becareful out there...


Player: Thank you.





Mindely (Dwarf): Damn it, where is that silver mine.


Player: Ahh, excuse me, have you seen a wolf around here by chance?


1: (Mindely: Now was it east of here, or to the south... Ahh, human, have any knowledge as to where the silver mine lay?)


2: (Mindely: Now was it east of here, or to the south... Ahh a fellow dwarf, surely ya have knowledge as to where the silver mine lay?)


3: (Mindely: Now was it east of here, or to the south... A Elf? Here? Well do ya know where the silver mine lay?)


Player: I'm sorry sir but, I don't have a clue, I'm a bit flustered as to where this wolf went, I need to find it.


Mindely: A wolf? I just saw one ya know lad, Hmm, not too long ago indeed or was it long ago, I've been stuck on this map forever - none the less I don't know which way to guide ya, as I don't know which way is which.


Player: Hmm... Well I'm coming from the south, so I guess that’s north.


Mindely: Thank ye las. So then the wolf went north, but may I be asking what yer doing chasing after that thing?


Player: It's some ones pet, I need to find it before it gets hurt.


Mindely: Ahh, I see, well best of luck to ya, I can see the sense of adventure in your eye's maybe fate would let us meet again.





The wolf is outside of a cave on the mountainside.


(Player has to chase and catch it by grabbing at it, pick it up like a item.)

Once caught.


Player: What is this cave, oh well I better head back; it's been a while since I made that promise.




Orin: Thank you so much!


Player: No problem, just make sure it stays out of trouble and please make sure it doesn't get away again ok?


Orin: Yes! (Smiles) Oh, my mother wanted to talk with you. She’s standing by the horse carriages.




Player: Hello.


Naola: Hi, you are the one who helped my son?


Player: Sort of.


Naola: I'd like to thank you with something in return, but what I lack in material I can make up for in knowledge.


Player: Knowledge? - Of what?


Naola: Speak to my aunt, she will tell you.




Beth: Hi again, I remember your face, what is your name?


Player: (Says name)


Beth: Well player; in this small town you’re a hero of sorts.


Player: Well -


Beth: No need to be modest now, your a very kind soul for helping my grand nephew and such when you had no strings making you. We in this town aren't all that rich, but I doubt you would accept any gold from us, your too pure for that am I right...


Player: Ahhh, yea...


Beth: I knew it, wouldn't you like to know what will happen to you?


Player: Excuse?


Beth: Don't stop thinking, come on, wouldn't you like to know your future?


Player: (Oh great the lady's a fortune teller, wait... she might be able to read minds too... then she knows what I'm thinking, got to stop thinking... damn it can't stop.)


Beth: Why are you so quite all of a sudden? Well any way, there is a cave to the far north of here, inside is a well, go in front of the well and say, Jingle tuft handles puffed. Then a nice surprise will be waiting.


Player: Um, I don't think I can remember that... Could you say it again?


Beth: What you have in heart you lack in brains, ah~ very well, in my old age I shouldn't be wasting this much time talking. It's; Jingle tuft handles puffed.


Player: Ok, thanks. I'll head up there now.




Player: I guess this is the well... There doesn't seem to be much here, Hmm, I think it was Jingle tuft handles puffed... What the heck? That hole wasn't underneath me before... Gah!



Secret Area



Player: Ow... must be something to hide down here, but it's clearly not right infront of me... My very first dungeon... Why would those people send me to this place... they must of thought I was some great combat person or something.


Voice: Hello! Who’s out there? Hello!


Player: Hello! Hello!


Voice: Hello! Can anybody hear me!




Voice: Please help me!


Player: I will but WHERE ARE YOU!


Voice: Please help me~!


Player: Sounds like they’re in trouble, well I'm in trouble too but apparently not as much as that guy.


(There are 7 rooms to this dungeon that work in a clear scheme, 2 of the rooms are story rooms, The ending room and the beginning room. The other 5 rooms are puzzle rooms. Each puzzle room has 4 exists and 1 entrance. They work in a order that is hinted at on a sign board in the first room of the 5 puzzle rooms.)




Player: A sign - it reads: Time is what lies in this tomb, and your mind is the only boundary that escapes this tomb, but through time memories are what’s left of you, and so it is passed as the passers are tombed. When you face your path from left to right is start to quad.


The orders for the rooms are:



Grand child/Nephew/Niece/Grand Aunt

3rd generation / 2nd generation / 2nd generation /1st generation.


(Each time the player gets it wrong they go back to the first room with the sign.)


Story for Each room: Puzzle Room 2:



Voice: Can you hear me! Is anyone hearing me!


Player: He sounds far away still - Stay where you are!


Voice: I'm so cold! Can you help me if you can hear me!


Player: This doesn't sound good.



Puzzle Room 3:



Player: Where are you! Are you..?!


Voice: Please, I need help!


Player: How deep are you!?


Voice: I nee help! I've gone too far in! I don't know where to go.


Player: He doesn't sound that far away - maybe I went too far in also...



Puzzle Room 4:



(In this room lay the skeleton of a human.)


Player: He must be scared out of his mind if he saw this skeleton, I know I would be; but he's probably scared enough for the both of us. Hey can you hear me!




Player: Weird, maybe he found a way out?



Puzzle Room 5:



Player: How many rooms are there to this place!? Hello! Can you hear me! Heh, this is how he must of felt.



Final Room



(There are a bunch of fancy and colorful trinkets around the carpeted floor, but the obvious attempt by some one to make a cave homey still seemed to fail, but the sense of warmth from the little ornaments and the small fire still reach you.)


Player:.... Doesn't seem like anyone’s here. (You notice a grand father clock in the corner.) Wow must of taken a big person to haul this sucker down here.


Ulin (An old gray bearded wizard): Not really.


Player: Huh?


Ulin: I was out hunting for food when I heard some one calling out so loud it scared the deer away.


Player: Um, ya who are you? I was looking for some one in the cave; I fell down here and heard someone calling for help.


Ulin: Oh, ha, ha. Well not allot of people enter this cave.


Player: I wonder why?


Ulin: Ha, ha, yes indeed, you see; you are the only one who heard that voice for help.


Player: Huh?


Ulin: Well in a sense any way. Anyone who enters this cave hears the guidelines of their future, the road they will take weather it is a selfish path or a righteous path is only determined by the heart. But its up to the listener to perceive each word spoken.


Player: Confusing...


Ulin: To most time is. Ahh, so why do you visit my home?


Player: Well I guess you could say I was tricked into coming here, by the villagers to the south of here.


Ulin: Ahh! No by all means you weren't. I've been waiting on you for a long time.


Player: Huh?


Ulin: Well some one like you, I need to move this clock out of the caves but I cant seem to remember the enchantment to remove it's seal, It would be very helpfull if you would do me the favor of visiting the magic shop in white stone and pick up atleast two of each sigil.


Player: That is a lot of money.


Ulin: Ho, money is a problem? I forgot about such a thing... just tell the merchant my name; I'm sure you will do just fine. Oh and make sure you walk, the resonance from teleporting really diffuses the quality, so make sure you don’t teleport for a couple of days before you pick up the sigils.


Outside the cave



Player: I don't get it, why do I get stuck with this... I just don’t get it. Isn't that Mindely?


Mindely: Ho, las! I traveled southwards behind ya to ask ye for some more directions, ya see I can't remember southeast or southwest exactly.


Player: There isn't very much to it, just look west.


Mindely: Yes.


Player: Then look south.


Mindely: Ok then south.


Player: Then when your looking south slowly turn half way to how you would turn to face the west, and that's south west.


Mindely: Slowly turn. Ok! Thank ya las.


Player: No problem. Um hey, what’s with that pick of yours?


Mindely: Oh this? It's mi enchanted pickaxe!


Player: (Huh?) An enchanted pickaxe?


Mindely: Yes, it slightly purifies the ore it picks raw. So the ore that is almost one hundred percent pure, turns fully pure.


Player: Oh, now I get it, that’s pretty useful.


Mindely: Indeed it is, when I get to the silver mine.


Player: Ya, well best of luck, I have a errand to run.




Part 2:

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