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Easter Egg hunt

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Thank you for all who participated in my little Easter Egg hunt on IP. I will post a recap of all the hints and prizes that were found below. 


Hint 1: Growing up, i always loved climbing evergreen trees for the best eggs! I can't quite get to the top these days though, so i had to brush this one under the pine needles. --Found-- 2 painted whistles


Hint 2: It's not unusual for people to bring Ios all sorts of weird gifts in attempts to eek out extra exp on summoning #days. During his last trip to WS he accidentally left behind a bag of these gifts at the dock and can't remember where they are. the last thing he remembers is holding it in his right hand and thinks it may have rolled away when he set it down... --Found-- 10 rabbit tokens, 10 spider tokens, 5 brownie tokens, 5 rat tokens, 30 bear stones, 15 tiger stones


Hint 3: Whilst on my travels I once witnessed a newbie trying to extort the Wraith for extra PPs by holding him at knife point. I wonder if the knives are still laying around... --Found-- 10 s2e & 15 snake tokens


Hint 4: A little later on my journey got stuck in some soggy mud and had to ditch my shield to lighten my load :( --Found-- Ti shield


Hint 5: Have you heard about all the benefits of eating vegetables? I suggest you go give them a try! --Found-- 1EME & 2 ELEs


Hint 6: I think i saw some green painted eggs the tutorial NPC must've dropped and they rolled out of his reach... --Found-- 2 REGs


Hint 7: I heard Granny's memory is fading and she is prone to misplacing her jewlery from time to time... --Found-- 1 gather med and 1 Enhanced sun med


Hint 8: I have a love/hate relationship with Haidir's spiders. On the one hand they're quick, on the other hand, the exp isn't that great. To skip or not to skip... --Found-- 2 Haidir pass, 2 Daily CD Reducer


Hint 9: I was training magic the other day and seem to have misplaced my helm... --Found-- RDHoLM (Found w/o hint)


Hint 10: In the olden days hackers would often try and smuggle rare gems using IP's shores. If you search the old landing spots for their boats I hear sometime you can find their old cargo... --Found-- 1 binding stone, 1 serpent stone



Thank you once again for participating, and I hope you all had fun :)


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