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Banned character Dzikra from around 2007

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this is really old story of me being young and unable to play EL home as our family at that time didn't have the connection to the internet. Me and my older brother were visiting our neighbour regularly, who did have access to internet and who have found this game in one game magazine. Brother started to play with nickname of Maslicka and the neighbour (Koddy) started as Mesic, who was at around that time know for scamming. (Pokud to budeš číst Tome, tak se Ti omlouvám, že tu zmiňuji Tvou minulost.) I created character Dzikra at neighbours place and after some time I could play myself at home. But! As I was not aware of Mesic's scams, but the character did play from his IP adress, I got banned as were all the chars that were played from his IP adress. I at that time didn't speak english well. Or rather I couldn't even create a sentence, that could be understandable. I just didn't ask brother to help me retrieve the character as I even didn't know! I don't need the character unbanned, but if it was I wouldn't complain. I would just like to play the name again. If it will not be possible it is okay, just tell me the decision. I just know, that brother had his character unbanned and I am mentioning his thread here: 


If you want proof that it is as I say, ask Koddy or try to get in touch with my older brother to ask (I am not in contact with him as of now, I don't want to bother him with the game but if you really insist on it I would ask him. Problem is that he is nowhere to be found, and even sister couldn't contact him just recently).

Thanks in advance for reading the post and for reply.

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