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demon slayer

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theres this demon thretining to kill the king of wsc..if the king dosent let the demon merry the princess..but the king dosent whant his daughter to merry a hiddius monster like it..so then the king ask you to go slay the demon in his lair..''but this demon is no ordanary demon..you cant just kill him with your normal sword..oh no no you need the sword of light the sword of power..named excallibur only then can you slay the demon but this sword is guarded by statues that come to life...pleas get the sword and slay the demon..ill reward you well.'' thats what he will say...


the sword should be located some were in a cave inside the cave there should be 3 small gargs or more... :) .


the demon should look like a garg kinda but not really gray maby redish bigger then a garg and stronger....


but with the excalliber it should hit a lot on the demon the excallibur is the sword of slaying darkness...


the demons lair should be a giant dark castel guarded heavely or hardly at all :)


when you slay the demon he should drop his head..


you take the demon head back 2 the king and he greatly rewards you for saveing his kingdom...(more likely his life)and his doughter from merreing the demon.(the reward should be like 10k and a tit or serp item or a rare book or all of that)



well if you like that tell me! and what you dont like tell me :D

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:) i am ganna try a intro:


on a dark stormy night at white stone city there was a dark figure walking in the shadows.. :shock: he slowly whent towd the castel the guards demanded him to halt! but he just kept walking...they kept yelling for him 2 halt but then he turned around his eyes glowed read then boom! the guards were dead...the he got 2 the castel doors...and slowley walked in..he walked to the kings thron ..the shadow figure took his hood off and started to talk in a deep scary voice :twisted: '*he looks at the prinses then back at the king*''heh heh heh heh..hah hah hah ha,'' yes she will do fine''the fgure says under his breath* :twisted:


i gotta think about the rest




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Okay, here are my comments:


1) I'm a bit wary of introducing new things like demons into the game, but that's not really a major issue, since it can be replaced by an evil mage, or something of the sort.


2) The general idea of the quest is fairly simple and straightforward: Go fetch an item and use it to kill some person/monster to get a reward. That, I think, is one of the major difficulties. zapcory, Roja's looking for some really tough, challenging and long quests - and unique ideas too, so I doubt this fits the description. :D No offence.


3) Also, giving item or monetary rewards for a quest...this is just my opinion, but I don't think it that good an idea, since it adds even more stuff into the game, when we're trying to find out ways to remove items from it at the moment. Rewards that directly affect the player's status - such as exp levels or pickpoints - would be better, in my opinion.




P.S. Other potential quest writers, take note. :)

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