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I really love this idea! Especially the part about going in naked (except armor and a weapon if you have to collect furs, etc - not everyone would have to harvest from animals, so totally non-fighters wouldn't have to do it). Bigger groups would be more fun and allow more to participate (like on the invances - you don't have to know anyone to get in).


I think that using rostos would inflate the price astronomically, so maybe use an enriched essence, stone or something else available from the shop to enter. Bigger group, more stones sold (price to get in could be calculated to be near the cost of the average loss of rosto's in instances and there wouldn't have to be any real danger element). I'm guessing that some spend rl money to be able to sell for gc which allows people without the ability to purchase for cash to play (this idea wouldn't work unless this is true, otherwise it would be more like a premium service)?


Also, the exp could be random each time so that you might receive manufacturing exp one time and potioning exp the next time.


I like making things I normally can't, so inside the instance, you wouldn't have to have the nexus, but you would need the knowledge and level to produce something with the same random chance of succeeding as outside the instance (so it wouldn't be wise to put a level 2 potioner to making the SR's, but more chances that someone on the team might be able to make what was needed to win, even if there were a lot of failures).


If this turns out like any of the versions I've read above, I would be getting whatever I needed to join a team as often as allowed!

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