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The Wake of A Child

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And the sun shone high overhead, her rays of precious liquid golds and reds pouring forth over the field. In the middle of this once lush and peaceful meadow, as she looks over the horizon, sits the remains of once a home.. demolished by hate and forsaken vows.

Her head spun as she cupped one tiny hand over her small, button nose before the large sea blue eyes filled with glittering and sparkling tears. Silently, she stood. The thin cotton skirt brushing and pooling on the arches of her feet, strapped into white leather sandals embroidered in evergreen vines.. fading from caked and bloodied soles. A fire had happened but a fortnight ago, leaving disaster in it's wake.

Her father had arrived at home drunk, though much more then he would dare mention. When her mother had gone to interogate, he laid his hands upon her beautiful body, leaving bruises and oval marks in her tender flesh. Her mother had fought back, bravely, unlike any woman that would have dared to do in such a time.. For the White Guard would come for those who fought one another, as they had agreed both on vows of marriage and on vows of bed rights that they would follow all that was required of them. Alcohol had been spilled, blood stains left on the floor. The father had dragged his child from the house, threatening that she too would be beat for disobeying his words. When her mother had lit the furnace, the house became a thing of the past, her mother's dying shrieks and howls of pain as the fire licked and sliced at her skin. No escape...


Hearing her mother's howls of torture, the child's eyes widened beneath the pale silver and white lashes. Her father's hands on her wrists dug deep, her silent whimpers of fright and astonishment wiped away as she dug her feet into the dirt. Where was he taking her..?


By a tree she sat.. Her large eyes averted to the ground, sitting still in the cold winter's snow where her father had told her to sit so that he might find some dried wood, perhaps Oak or Birch or Pine, to burn for a fire. His pack left behind with her.. He had wandered approximately twenty feet from where she sat, the thigh length silver white hair of the child cascading over her shoulders, her knees pressed to her already maturing body, the thin vest and billowing woolen sleeves seeming a nothing against the bittered and malicious wind which whipped at her. Not a sound..


Not a sound as her father had been murdered by the Black Guard, executioners working with the White Guard. Should they find her..

She would die as well- the child they called Lolendalia.

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She lifted her head solemnly from the crook of her arm, the dancing, fading light on the horizon sparkling through the tears which showered and speckled on her pale skin. She turned her head a little to the side, crouching now, strands of the liquid-like hair cascading over her shoulder. Nothing could be heard but the chirp chirp twitter of the crickets and the seductive hissing of the snakes that lingered in the tall grass nearby. It had been hours, surely the Black Guard should have found her by now, after all, she was only a child.. a nine year old child. Perhaps they had given up, she didn't know but could only hope as she stood, leaning her womanly matured body against the thick tree behind her, the forest having already grown dark, the tall tree's branches expanding above her as though grabbing at the air, entangling it's once leaf filled bows into the suns dieing rays.


The bark of the tree had begun to scratch into the areas of exposed ivory skin, rubbing and scratching until it turned red. Yet she refused to move, for she knew not where to go.. She knew noone. Tears sprang once more to the youth of her eyes, where all the power can reside, there was none here. Instead, the soft china doll lips parted, shock flooding through her then as it had never done before. Alone.. She was alone..


She thrust her hand beneath her father's pack, lifting it slowly before throwing it at a tree, the contents falling from their places; wooden bowls, a small dagger, wetstones, spoons, forks, knives, cups.. Nothing she could use. Her small hands clutched into fists, so tiny are they. She would refuse to scream, her head spinning in the astonishment of things that had already been or were to come. So much had happened, and what was she to do now..? Would she wait for the White Guard to send the Black Guard for her? How could they have missed her...? Perhaps they were waiting for her somewhere. She knew not, but insisted that she keep herself up and going, for the night was growing colder and the sky growing darker, the velvet spread already having appeared, stretching over the land, sparkled in glittering diamonds and eerie silence. The night would bring wild animals who would hunt, and she without a true weapon, would be defensless.


She began to walk, the thin cotton skirt having become soaked thoroughly from the snow, clinging absently to her legs and hips and sticking to the tops of her feet, the rough cloth bothersome to her skin. Though this was nowhere near what the wool had begun to do- the long threads making her skin itch something terrible, making her want to shout out and curse at anyone who might hear her small reprimands...


As the night grew longer, she wandered on...

Not knowing where her legs might give out or her eyes might fail to see all obstacles before her.

Not knowing what lay behind or what lay ahead...

She wandered.. Alone and defensless to the wonders of the world.

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Leaves and twigs scattered beneath the soles of her sandals, the soaked and cleaned cloth having thinned quite a bit by the amount of walking she had managed within the short amount of time.

The grounds had become worn by her tracks, her tiny shoe prints left in the soft soil, whose icey permafrost lay lost to the world. She had moved form the forest, the trees no longer stretching above her in an endless canopy. Her large eyes focused on the rather rugged terrain before her, the destination unknown.

She should have crossed someone by now, though noone had come into view nor had she heard anything unusual. Lolen's long hair tangled at the ends, matted and slightly dirty, twigs and leaves having gathered in the mass of silk when she had tumbled clumsily over a half-hidden log in the midst of a snowy bank she meant to cross. For now, it would be rocky terrain as far as the eye could see, for she could see nothing now, the air too clouded by mist and steam arising from the banks of the shore of the river, whose crashing waves of heated water smashed in her ears. The steam, though warm, sent chills down her spine. The distinct smell of sulfer reaching her nose, threatening to send her wretching as she walked, yet strong she was and retained the feeling, thinking mild humors such as that if she wanted to, she could cut the fog and mist with her nails, as it was thick enough. No longer cold and drenched, her clothing has become more of a misted blanket, her hair glistening as did her skin with the droplets of sulfer water. A cup she carried with her, having gathered a fresh dip of spring water tarry a way.

She sipped at it now, inhaling the spring like scent of the dew which had gathered on the rim.


The river came clearer, the rushing water over the crystal falls, the towers over head from the Serilliant, the White Guards fortresses and castles, towns and cities and outlying refuges. Though she knew she would most likely not be very welcome where she might have to go, she must try.. For she needed food, and the wild berries of black and purple and candycane red in the forest had been rumored as poison for those who knew not what she choose to eat.


As she found an ancient and obviously magic forged bridge of white stone and collumns reaching high into the air, towering above the city, her grecian structure amazed Lolen. So this was Andorel? Perhaps it would not be as bad as she had thought.. it seemed nice, the painted white stone of the rather lavish houses of many a story high, the cobbled streets with their clean stones and side parked carts of wood and nails... The fresh scent of the Bread baker's shop wafting toward her from the other side of this rushing, steaming, flame hot river.


Her feet touched the entrance of the bridge.. And instantly, it began to shake. ((Stick around for the next post.. :D ))

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Someone intensivly raped their Thesaruas to conceive a plethera of scarcly used....words....


Don't be mean, Killer.



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With the shaking having stopped, she found herself opening her eyes, her hands clutched to the remaining stone of the white washed bridge. How had she made it to the other side? She surely had not stepped or ran, she would have most likely fallen into the boiling water below, whose sulfer drifted to her, drenching her.


Various heads poked from large stain glass windows, their fashionable white poudered wigs and pale skin, gems, gems, gems everywhere. The rubies, saphires, emeralds, opals, pearls, all glinting in the dimming light. She scrambled over the side of the rock, scraping her knees and forearms as she did so. Ladies in their cinched dresses and billowing sleeves, tall and thin as most would be.. Men in their suits and swords to their belts all staring at her from the buildings.


Quietly, Lolen looked about, the white cobblestones of the streets clean and shining, the houses all white and pitched in color. What a combination of art and contrast.


A girl had walked toward her, it seemed this was a town of Nobles, surely it was... for the girl wore silk sheen in midnight blue about her arms, and cream colored.. silk? No.. it was cotton, though soft and sparkling about her waste and body. She, too, wore lavish clothing. With a small hand, she helped Lolen to her feet, most of the nosey Nobles having dissappeared into their homes, no longer interested in the strange, rather ruffled looking child.


Aryola, she said her name was- the girl. She worked for her owner, who had seen Lolen's attempt at crossing the bridge, and obvious success. This town, was indeed the town of Nobles and White Guards..

That frightened Lolen, though Aryola promised her that the they would not find her here. For her owner promised them security in the home.


Down the white and cobbled streets they walked, chattering away, until Aryola turned sharply towards the house at the end of the street, the three story building looking rather cheerful to her. The vines of morning glories twining their way about the white-washed iron fence, up the sides of the house and over the shutters of Midnight blue. It seemed everything about this house was cream or blue. Aryola had said that this was because every house held various colors, whose servants followed those colors, showing the status of the house. Aryola also told her that the owner of this house was one of the most magnificent of people who resided here, much more then any Noble.




She sat on the bed, sinking into the feather filled down comforter on the bed, the large cherrywood posts rising to the cieling, midnight blue lace strung between them, curtains about that, though tied open in sashes now.


Aryola had told her but a few things of her Host.. Who had offered her every luxury in the world. And now she sat thinking of the hot bath that waited for her in the room to the left, through those large, magnificently carved doors of stone. The sound of running water reached her ears, as well as the smell of Roses wafting about the room. The skin rug on the floor must surely be that of a dragon, so thick and tough it was.


Swiftly, Lolen moved from the bed, stripping of her clothes and placing them on the back of the cherrywood chair at the desk, and wandering through the doors. She stared speechlessly, no words present in her mind, the astonishement having found it's way to overthrow her.


The tub, lay at least eight feet long and eight feet deep, filled to the brim with warm water from the boiling river, having been used as bath water when mixed with cold well water, sent through stone pipes to all buildings in the city. A mass of velvet draperies hung about the tub, for ones privacy in such cases. She turned her head a bit to the side, running her fingertips over the soft towels, thick and soft.. lovely.




The water rushed over her head, as she rinsed the lavender soap from her hair, and her body, the water feeling good to her once caked and muddied skin. Surfacing, she brought her hands behind her to reach for one of the ledges to sit upon, finding that it was covered in what seemed a soft sponge. She smiled daintily, climbing from the tub and drawing one of the huge towels about her body, seeming to swim in it.


Things had changed for the better, it seemed... But if Aryola was telling true.. The White Guard resided here.. It would be wise not to go about unless at night.. And what a debt she would have to pay for the sevices given her by the Host who had opened the house to her, and sent to her the servant who had become more of a friend. So much debt, she would never work her way out.. It seemed impossible. No coins and no work..

And so much of the things offered to her must have cost more then the house itself.. or close to it... But how long could she stay? How long would it be safe..?



(( Do you like it so far?? I'm running out of idea's for now... *Sigh* Must go back to the drawing board......))

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I think it's pretty nice :) Haven't read everything though, just skimmed through the most, but keep it up! I'll definetly read it, when my ISP quits cutting my internet access off...

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The air about her seemed to sparkle and shimmer with magic, the house itself seemed to buzz with it. The velvety sky above her sparkled with flickering stars, that seemed to wink at her from their abyss of darkness, the moon shining upon the lake beneath the large stain glass window of scenery consisting of a rather peaceful forest, a deer upon the hill. Aryola had brought her a new dress that she had purchased in the market, a lavender dress with a princess style and midnight sash to go about her waste. It was meant to be long, to cover the periwinkle sandals that went with the lavish outfit.


She turned away from the window, having been leaning onto the sill so that she might look further out into the quiet, magic city. All of Andorel, it seemed, emanated with the magic that glowed about the Serilliant, twining about her white marble and crystal columns, her glass windows aglow and shining. She smiled a bit, shaking her head slowly before setting her small bare feet onto the dragon skin carpet, her heels touching the cool tile floor as she walked to the armoir that stood beside the bed.


Her nightgown, Aryola had said, was made purposely for her, the silk and lace hemming feeling a bit too overdone for her tastes, though she would not complain. A simple sheet would have done if it was all she had. Her supper had been brought to her, by a woman who looked to be about mid-life of age... her tauny hair greying and her eyes creasing slightly at the outer edges.


She had ate silently, pleasantly enjoying all that she could of the food. Her meal had consisted of Venison garnished in a bitter-sweet chocolate sauce with a touch of chili pepper, fresh sweet roles from the bakery, who seemed to remain open at all hours of the day, well water which had been purified through magic in it's own little crystal cup, sauteed potato and skins in garlic and garnished in a quaint little cheese sauce that seemed to burst with flavor in her mouth, green beans speckled in freshly dried and crushed pepper, sweet potato with their candy tops of brown sugar by the mouthful. Spoon by spoon she finished it, until she could eat not one more bite for fear she might look like a rather overstuffed pig.


Aryola had come to sit with her now, to speak of things they had each encountered or what they planned to do.. Where they planned to go. It seemed that Aryola wanted to become a member of a traveling theatric group, who called themselves "Destruction of the Wise." She wanted to smell the smells of the stage, the fresh wood and musk, the white paint she would spread upon her pretty face, the lipstick she might acquire, the outfits with their pretty little bells and extra cloth to spin about them like the marionetts they seemed, upon the stage. She had become a loyal friend to her, she felt, and she hoped that she got her wish, and that she would carry on her memories of Lolen after she left.


With Aryola having left, she stripped of the slippers, setting them gently to the floor. She felt safe for now. Perhaps she would feel safe here forever. No.. Best not to think of that... She did not want to place her friends, and the still unknown Host in danger, it would be unwise and ungrateful, and for this, she seemed to think that she had grown ungrateful.




By the time she meant to sleep, her stomach was so full, the she nearly rolled right onto her back. A soft giggle made it's way past her lips, before she snuggled down deep beneath the covers, the warmth emanating from the feather-stuffed luxury. Her fingers entwined in her hair, she slept.. Though the dreams were those of terror and death, despare and hostile movement.. of her past and those who haunted her future....


(( Thanks! :) Have fun reading it.. If it needs improvement.. Tell me? Lol. Anyone's welcome to join whenever they feel like it.. By the way. :P ))

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Fragments of the mornings light filtered though the pretty stain glass window at the head of her bed, the moon having sunk beneath the horizon, the velvety night sky spinning until the sun had risen, her rays of gold and rouge tones, violets and beautiful arrays of various colors. The wafting scent of freshly made bisquits, fresh bacon bieng cooked on the metal sheets beneath her room, the sizzling she could almost hear.



Lolen opened her eyes, blinking them, letting her long lashes flicker from the tops of her cheeks to just beneath her pale, finely arched brows. She yawned, placing the back of one of her small ivory hands to her china doll lips before removing the entwined hand from it's place. Her silky hair tangled, though not as much as she had expected, the covers in a dissarray about the bed. It seemed she had moved quite a bit that night, her dreams having invaded her thoughts. Terrible things, dreams such as those. She had watched as her father was brutally murdered, the sound of metal against metal clanging out into the darkened night sky of her horrendous dream, the spatter of fresh blood, with it's tang smell and sticky component as it spattered the ground. The beast itself was enough to frighten her, though she could not seem to open her eyes. The beast, with its terrible serpentine body, scales of the blackest coal, it's wings those of a large and ugly bat, spread wide as it swooped down upon the man, slicing her father's head from his shoulders. His vague green eyes upturned as the head went rolling, his tauny hair gathering dirt as it shifted on his head, peeling away from his scalp. The beast -A Black Guard!- had turned towards her, spotting her in the dark as she hid behind the large trees with their extended boughs of leafless twigs. The creatures eyes gleamed white, like those of a cat's, the skin black as coal and as though made of rock. Staring at her, through the ghastly orbs. A smirk, a twisted and gruesome smirk had wound itself about the creatures thin and badly burned lips. A soft hiss had made it's way through them, as though a snake lay close by. Then... It swooped down upon her, as she had thrown herself to the ground, flinging her arms about her head. She had felt the slice of the blackened blade slice through the back of her arm, the trickle of her own blood streaming from the wound. Not too severe, though bad enough to make her whimper. The beast had circled about, to attack her once again, but as it made to swoop upon her


she woke up, finding herself in the lavish room, the drapes of the windows drawn. Her heart continued to laboriously thump in it's cage within her flesh as she sat up, rather too quickly, her head spinning wiledly. She turned her head to the side, a scatter of darkened spots on the sheets caught her gaze. Blood.. She had bled in the dream.


Silently, shakily, with legs of jello feeling, she walked to the mirror on the other side of the wall, it's beautifully carved and shined cherry wood glinting as the sunlight poured in. She turned to the side, her nightgown crinkled at the hem, the lace sticking to her legs. In the mirror, she saw what she had feared, a deep ghash across the backside of her arm, dried blood already having made a clot for the seemingly unreal thing. How? How had something that could invade her dreams, invade reality?

She ran her hands over the dried, crusted blood, flinching a bit, pain flitting across her face. It stung, burned, tinked at her. She quickly removed her hand. She was not safe here.. Not at all. Not if such creatures that could invade a persons dreams, even in a house surrounded and swathed in magic, could invade her reality.


She swiftly ran to the armoir, pulling open the doors and grabbing a simple midnight blue, velvet dress, tightening the corset about her waste and tying the front before slipping it over her head and lacing the back herself. She slid on the small slippers, running a brush through her hair as quicky as she could, leaving it to whisp about her face as she ran from the room.


Down the hall she walked briskly, her thoughts and fears overwhelming her current state of mind.. She had run into Aryola, who was bringing breakfast to her room, yet continued her pace, not stopping, not looking back. She must know who the Host was.. She must! If it was not going to be revealed to her.. she must leave. She would bring no more harm into the house, nor to the inhabitants.


(( Woo.. I think it's a little longer than I expected.. But enjoy.. Once again, feel free to join.. Add in! Come on!! :D -Mina Bunny?))

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She flew down the halls, her footfalls echoing in the corridors of polished cream and midnight edged tile. Door after door she opened curiously, the massive stone of the stoors scraping the ground with grinding sounds, though they never seemed to scratch. It must be a form of magic! It had to be..


She had almost run out of doors, most of the day having long since gone. She counted at least six parlors, seven bathrooms, at least fifteen guest rooms, each with their own bathrooms, two massive kitchens, four private dining rooms, one large dining room, three art rooms, a theatric hall, other various entertainment rooms, gardens, and plenty more.


A sound behind her made her spin on her heels as she reached for the handle of one of the most decorated stone doors, her finger sparking before she touched it. With that spark, her bangs fluffed annoyingly, the sparks zig-zagging to the ends of each strand, standing straight up. The rest of her hair tried to follow, though it seemed light, it was much too heavy for it to lift, all but the ends. How interesting she must look. Someone had coughed behind her, and she had spun so quickly to see whom it was who had interupted her escapade, that she toppled backwards.


Standing before her, a rather tall man, whose ears resembled those of an Elf, though curved like hers at the top. He too wore at least a dozen rings along his left ear. It must be a common thing, though his rings were the purest shade of gold she had ever seen. Pale skin, poudered obviously, he wore a rather intricately hemmed white robe. Dark green eyes peered at her from beneath the pale brows of the man. His hands folded before him, beneath his robe none the less, seemed long in the finger length and thin. Very unlike anyone she had seen.


His voice rumbled from his throat, echoing in the corridor, low and smooth as he inquired what she was doing. She blinked her large blue eyes at him, fidgeting with her dress as she stood to greet him before introducing herself,


"I am called Lo-" He cut her off with a quickly flashed finger before speaking.

"I know very well who you are, Lolendalia of Verigreen." The way he spoke it, it sounded regal and as though he let it slide from his tongue with no difficulty at all, "My wish was not to know your name, Lady, but to know what you are doing in your curiousity."

She knew not what to say in return, and instead she spoke truthfully to him, feeling that he was not one to tell tales too.

"My Lord, I was searching for the Host of the house, and perhaps those who resided-" One more he cut her off with a flash of his long, thin finger.

"There are no others who reside her, Lady. Not unless you would consider Aryola and the other's residents." He spoke so softly, that it chilled her as she meant to speak, it came out rather roughly, breaking,

"Are.. Are," she cleared her throat, "the Host of the house, my Lord?"

"I am. Why do you ask?"

"I do not mean to question your position, sir.."

"I do not mind.. Lady Lolen." He seemed sincere.. Though she could not be sure.

"Sir.. Your house is both beautiful and grand, and your servants good... But I do not find safety here.." She hoped it did not sound rude, and that he would not chaste her for her meaning.

"I see.. And why do you say such things?" Indeed, he did not chaste, but questioned her in return.

"You see, sir, I had a terrible.. Terrible dream in the passed night.."

"Oh..?" he simply asked, this word taking beautiful shape of his full lips, like that of a chorus singer, filled with understanding and question.


She could only nod a response, as she meant to tell him, he took her hand, the sparks and it's effect disappearing instantly. He walked with her.. Where were they going..? What were they going to talk about? Was this truly the Host of the house? The Lord? She did not think that a Host would speak to such a lower bieng such as her.. But he seemed not to mind, let alone to touch her. Nor did he seem worried about what she had dreamt, nor of the actions she took about his house. Was this reality..? Or was she still stuck in the provinces of a dream world, one that she could not wake from.. One that would consume her concience...


She could only follow, and wonder, and remain watchful for whatever may come...


(( Does anyone have any ideas..? I could use some right about now. If you do, just PM me with them. :P Thanks! -Mina))

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They had been in the room for a number of hours, it seemed to her to last forever. He had remained silent as she told him about the dream, of the aweful things that had been in it. When it had come to end, her speaking, he seemed quite worried. The oil lamps on the walls shining their multitude of colors.. royal blues, scarlett reds, forest greens, in their glass holders, their glass surfacing shining and swirling with colors.


She sat silently, rather properly in her chair, the low lighting casting spooky shadows along her features. Her hair cascading over her shoulders, her large blue eyes showing weariness and fatigue. Finally, he spoke,


"Lolen what you have told to me is quite disturbing.." he sounded so tired.. like he had grown over the years while in the room.


"Yes, sir, I know.."


"Then you understand that this is no longer a safe haven for you?" He sounded as though this strained him to say it..


"Yes, sir, I realized this.."


"Then you know that it is time for you to do what you were meant to do?"


"But, sir!"


"Lolendalia of Verigreen... I have to tell you something that I have seen, even before your arrival."


She stared at him out of fright, her hands twisted together in her lap, between her legs, "Yes, sir.." She answered meakly.


He stood then, his robes swirling at the tiled floor. The window had been cracked by himself, as he looked out into the velvet clad night, her stars scattered and bright, as though a broom ran across the mass of black, scattering diamond chips thorought punched holes. He kept his back to her, motioning for her to stand beside him, to prop herself up on the sill, on the silk and satin pillow there.


She did so, looking to him worridly, as he began speaking, the house seemed to become morbidly quiet.


"Lolendalia.. I knew about you when you first came to be, when your father threatened you and your mother, when everthing started to become worse and worse for you. I knew when you were alone, and when you were happy, frightened, sad, angry, I knew about everything you ever did... And yet I did not realize one thing. I did not know that you contained Innate Magic, nor that you were an Empath. I did not realize this until it became known to the Black Guard and to He Who Resides In Shadows. But then, it was too late to gaurd you from the things which he would do. He will hunt you, Lolendalia... For his own. He has had his coal eyes on you since the day you came into existence. Do you understand why, now, that I ask that you must tell me things that you find irrelevant to tell others?"


She shook her head slowly, confusion presiding and laying at bay within her.


"Then now it is time for me to intrust you with this.." He reached into his robes, extending one of his long, pale fingered hands, in the palm lay a stone of pure white, swirling with many a color, like a misted liquid cloud. He placed it about her neck, leaving his hand on her shoulder, the warmth emanating from him.


"This was the first Druid's, Blake Aphongryphon's, pendant.. The Renegade Heart." He paused momentarily, to let it sink into her brain, "The Renegade Heart belonged to him as he battled, he acquired this from a Noble he chanced to save. The Noble then placed this pendant in a steel chest, infused with many a protection and curse to those who knew it existed and wanted it for themselves. He then gave the box to Blake, who fled the city.. As the city in itself was a rotting house of charnal.. A tomb, if you will."


He paused, for what seemed perhaps an eternity, thoughts apparently running through his head, and with them, images.


She nodded slowly once more, stray strands falling into her face.


"I will continue.." He sighed softly, "I do not know what became of Blake, though I do know that he resides still, in an eternal rest.... One that strips the soul to a bare nothing, though prolongues the life. The pendant was found by his sister's cousin, Ellowyn... Who then gave it to Blake's one heir to his property, Cane. Cane was entrusted with it, and wore it about his neck, controling his unknown abilities. The pendant holds great power, Lolendalia..." He paused once more, "And now it belongs to you.. As you are a direct descendant of Blake's family. Keep it safe, and it will do you well.. It will be your friend and your protection, your safety, your haven.. When in need. Do you understand?"


She blinked to him slowly, smiling faintly all the while. She had no idea who these people were, and how he came to have it.. She had no idea of what he meant that it would be so many things to her.... And it all seemed too confusing to question.. Lest she get another strange answer, so.. She nodded, and spoke quietly, the air having gone excedingly still... As though death lingered, and all the magic in the world collected here. "Yes, sir, I do understand.. And I understand what I must do.."


He then handed her a map, stretching the linen across the pillow to better see each of the markings and details.. And then, he began to explain to her.. The begining of her quest, the begining of her training to come.. The begining of her own search for life...


((Stick around! I'm going to post again.. I don't know when.. But I will. :) Was kind of out of idea's at first type on this post.. But I think it reads alright. Hope everyone had a Happy Christmas and your Holiday's went well. :) - Mina))

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Ok, I read it all :) And I really like it. Just gotta get some info before I'm gonna post anything, else I might ruin the story o.0 That is, if I can join :D


Magic is allowed, I got that, but are there powerful mages/wizards/warlocks in this world? (Meaning: sending fireballs at eachother, highly magical creatures such as Balrogs? Ofcourse not until the story unfolds, you gotta build that kinda stuff up.)


This quest you're on; what will it be like?


When I'm gonna write myself in; how would you want that to be?

If you read HML you'll prolly know a bit what my char's gonna look like: Elf, magical powers (if we're gonna use that at all), pretty wise although he's young, favours blades and bare hands to fight. But the main question is in how I'm related to you; brother/uncle/nephew/friend/just a stranger you meet/a faint aquaintance/...


I kinda know your writing style, after these posts, and I think mine kinda differs from it; I'll try to adapt a bit, but I wont be good at the nicesounding words... Just so you know :D



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^.^ No, no no! Don't worry about ruining it! It's for everyone! Just give as much detail as you can until your head hurts! That's all I'm asking. Lol. Umm.. The quest!


Yes!! The quest will be a long, tragic, drama filled adventure built only for those who might endure it... *Grin* Yea... I think. I'm just kind of playing with this.. for now. :) To see how it turns out.


'Course you can join!! I WANT people to join!! That's my goal.. Doesn't seem to be working though, does it? 0.o Ah well.. To continue on..


The magicians/ warlocks/ main magick users.. AKA The White Guard and the Black Guard use magick to discipline the citizens of this part of the world. *Cough slightly* But magick is allowed, and is used... Though secretly, for fear of bieng caught by them.. And killed. Very strict, eh? Yea..Um... They are all-powerful.. Like the law.. Like.. God to these people.


Your character would be a great person for Lolen to meet! Just... Kind of... Slip in any way you'd like to... Start off by saying what your character's doing .. like.. walking down a trail or something. Tell about the history if you like. Go as far out on this as you possibly can! Like I said! I'm open!! ^.^ Use your imagination and get creative! The rocks can eat people and the dirt can swallow biengs whole for all I could care! It's meant to be fun! So have fun writing it! ^.~


-Miyuki Killer Bunny AKA Mina =^;;^=

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K, I think this can work out really great :) Let's have a try.



It was night. Not a normal night, but blackened by clouds and magic. The Black Guard has done it's job again the man thought, while he looked up at the ashgrey skies. A fine job, so it seems... The man started walking again, heading south through the huge forest.


This was not a common sight. The man's green clothes were hidden from sight by a black cape. His sword hanging on his backpack, emitting a faint green and red light. In his hand was a stick, carved out of the finest Oak, the top displayed a tiger's head. He didn't wear any type of armor, or did he seem prepared for the Black and White Guard. Even stranger than his oufit was the fact that he was walking at Night in a forest, completely forbidden, not to mention dangerous.

And he was alone.


Alone isn't strange, ofcourse. But a lonely traveller is. No one wants to face the evil of these lands alone. Not a single person. Even if you started out with a huge group, and you got seperated from them, you were better off killing yourself - it's less painful than being eaten alive by the fierce creatures that roam at night.


Still, this man didn't seem afraid of anything. A few meters ahead was a clearing, when he entered it, moonlight somehow found its way through the clouds, revealing a young but scarred face. The hand that held the staff was split in to by a scar running from the top of the indexfinger all the way to the right of his wrist, disappearing into his cape.


The man looked at it, his thoughts seemed to go back to an encounter with something evil. But then he smiled, his white teeth shining in the dim light. He walked on, out of the moonlight, before he spoke a few words to the darkness. 'That was a lucky day... To only get scarred when we met him... We we're the first to earn his respect.'


From his right two small yellow dots, the size of a marble appeared. A little growl came out of the same bushes. Then, a tiger jumped out, running at the man. But the man didn't seem afraid at all. He just put out his hand and stroked the tiger, who seemed to like it. 'Thanks to you, my friend, we were able to survive it...' The tiger looked at him with great, peering eyes, when the man wanted to go on, he gave a little growl. 'I know, we haven't eaten in days. But the next house should be there soon, we'll get some food and some shelter, at least if those nice people haven't moved out yet.' The tiger turned his back on him, and disappeared in the bushes once more. 'And don't even think of catching a bird! We'll get hanged for that!' the man said to the ever so dark forest. Then, in an odd, cracked voice, he murmured, 'Heck, you will get hanged... But I won't let them, so they'll hang me with you...'

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~*~*~*~*~*~*~* A Week Or So Later- Spring ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


Her feet, now swathed in light leather boots, made soft crunching sounds as the twigs amongst the forest ground crackled beneath her feet. She entwined one leather gloved hand in her hair, the cream color of the leather contradicting the ivory of her skin and hair.


The morning shower had cascaded upon the land, rolling in through thick and heavy clouds, the bank of the river having misted over in steam and hissing loudly, crackling and spitting in her ears as she crossed. She made a motion with her hand, a flick of her wrist.. And with that, she extended her hand, palm up. The pendant lay warm against the glove.


So.. Her journey had begun, and she had not even realized it until she set foot into Andorel.. And here she stood now, a year older.. Her birthday having passed a fortnight ago. It had not seemed that it had been that long that she had remained in polite hospitality of her Host... who had somehow seemed familiar to her in his own way.. Like she had seen him once, somewhere.. Somewhere in her mind she could not reach. Misted and fogged over, as the rain had been.


The forest now sparkled with droplets of water on each bough, and each twig, leaf, and each blade of green green grass. The smell wafted about her as she walked. Little chitters and chirps made their way past her as she continued on, wearing a trail beyond the trails made by travelors.


Map pressed to her face, the linen still dry from the oil that had been soaked into it. Her Host had been kind to buy her time, to comfort her in her times of despare and great need, and to tell her of some of the things he knew. But somehow, she did not feel what was good about him.. It was something that perhaps some would call instinct, though it seemed more of a gutteral feeling- a pain in her side- a cramp, even, to her; that something was not right.


The forest opened her fully boughed arms to her, even as the day unfolded and the wind billowed happily through the trees, playing in her branches and knocking fresh apples from her limbs, to tumble on the ground. The cold and frost long since gone, the remains of the winter still beneath the earth in her shell of permafrost..


The sun dappled along the ground between the bunches of well endowed trees. Red and green shimmers caught her attention at tarry every turn.. The shining coats of the apples shimmering incandescently in the sun. It seemed enchanting- and how out of place she must look.. To be wandering in an elven hunter's clothes.. The rather tight tunic of forest green showing her matured upper to an advantage, wrapping into a low cut V in the front, for her own comfort. The pendant replaced in the pocket of the tight fox brown leggings, tieing just below her knees, and the soft leather boots of bark brown color fit nicely to her small feet. Her hair had been combed and pulled into two braids, then wrapped about her head in a style of a wreath, set still with tiny blossoms and petals of flowers she herself had placed against the strands of silky shimmer.


The storm had left even an imprint on her mind, the rolling of the clouds against the silver lining and the sharp and constructive sound of the lightening as it bounced from cliff to cliff, ringing, echoing.. Crack! Then rolling away as it had come, the midnight blue clouds with the silver and gray adornments wavering, faulting, then fading out of sight.


Her first stop.. On her quest to find whatever it was she looked for, to escape that which she deemed worthy to escape... To free herself from whatever it might be that wished harm upon her, or for her own purposes.. Would be the city that inhabitants and surroundings called Cassa.


She had heard the history of this rather large city.. It was said to be built of all forest, in the tree's branches.. Like a floating citadel.


Fairies and the like were said to live here.. To prance and mingle with the utmost of creatures, elves included, naturally. Cassa had once been the Empress of this city, a beauty they said.. With hair as black as coal, and eyes that shimmered the cleareast of blues and the brightest of greens against her cream skin. They said, the people of the city of long ago, that Empress Cassa had been deemed a witch, working with the White Guard, by her own husband. Though he was ill, bieng a witch was not something that would be thought of as bad- or had not been. Cassa had kept the Guard away throughout her reign, though when her husband- Tiraen- became ill, he and his son both sought to destroy Cassa. The illness Cassa could not heal, though try and try as she might. The people began to believe that Cassa had been spying for the Guard throughout her reign, Tiraen and his son Gildor poisoning their minds... Convincing them that their Empress was nothing but a spy. And so, they swathed in magic and invaded the royal home.. At night, as was the latest time, and the dark was relevant for such a thing.


Through the halls they wandered, killing unmercifully the people who resided. The Empress Cassa, her husband Tiraen, and their son Gildor..


The end.


And here she was on her way to visit this city.. To experience it for herself. But what was she looking for?


(( Keep checking.. I'm not too sure what I was doing with this post.. Not as much as I wanted to do.. But I kind of had to go. :) I'll post again.. Once again, JOIN IF YOU WANT TOO! - Mina))

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Hehe... I almost said that I did join... Luckily I read your last (or is it latest?) post :) Here I go again:


It was broad daylight, about a week after the blackened night. The man and his tiger finally arrived at a house. 'This is it, Cath. Be nice now, I don't know if the same people still live here, and if they remember you. They were quite shocked last time...' His lips formed a faint smile. 'Don't you even dare to roar like then...' Remembering the good food in the house, the man walked to the front door and knocked on it with his staff. 'Anyone home?' he shouted. His voice was clear, small birds replied with a happy chatter. But it were only the birds who replied. The man knocked once more. Still no sign of life.


'Well then. We'll just wait here.' He was more speaking to himself as to his tiger. 'If they're not here by evening, they don't live here anymore. I know how much Miss Gandra hates the darkness...' After he made this decision, he closed his eyes and fell asleep, the sunrays playing on his tanned face. The tiger was laying at his feet, and although he seemed asleep, his ears were keen for every sound of potential danger.




The man was walking through a long hall, his tiger nowhere to be seen, his sword drawn and his staff hovering in front of him, radiating a blue light. A door went open, dark eyes came from within the room. 'This is your final walk!' A low and dark voice said. The eyes moved into the circle of blue light, revealing the Black Guard. 'You shall die today!' A great roar accompanied the attack of the Guard.


'Wha-- Catherine! Who's coming?' The man rubbed his eyes, still a bit asleep. When he looked up, he saw the friendly face of an old woman. 'Ah, Lady Gandra! Do you remember me? And Cathy?' 'Ofcourse I do! How can I forget you or your tiger? You are a quite remarkable couple, you know. Come in, and I'll give you something to eat, you look hungry.' The man smiled. 'Thank you.' Then he turned to the husband of Miss Gandra. 'Mister Gandra. Good to see you.' 'Good to see you too, Geelef. It's been a long time, hasn't it?' The man, who seemed to be named Geelef, nodded and went into the house.

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((Hehehe... Can't wait .. Can't wait!))


The cobbles beneath her feet clicked idely at her heels, the pendant tucked well beneath her cloak and collar. The city ahead was beautiful as it could be, against the black velvet of the sky; her stars swirling in kaleidoscopic manner against the vast black depth of night, shimmering like a thousand diamonds scattered by a giant broom, or punched through with holes. The city..


Her lights aglow between bough by bough of thickly leaved branches, twining about the buildings like hands to hold them. Their glass filled windows sparkled at her, shimmering, winking in welcoming. Though it was night, the townsfolk about her seemed to swarm like ants into the market, the streets, the town square. Against the tree's in their pretty stairwells of vast and natural accent. Gaunt figures, they may be.. Dressed in mainly peasant clothing- the shifts against simple cloth material... Or some who seemed to be of wealth dressed in fine cloth, like water, flowing across their rather tall and lanky bodies.


She stared in fascination, though had been warned of this city.. Of the things that could happen.


Thoughts rushed through her mind, some she had no notion of whence they came or where they came from. She needed to find a local pub, and inn perhaps, at least somewhere to stay... And one of those quaint little tree top cottages seemed to be a particularly good place.


The stairs creaked faintly beneath her feet; a woman outside the house seemed to stare at her strangely, as though she was a ghost invading her space..


Maybe this wouldn't be such a good place..


The woman stopped sweeping the stoop, and wandered towards her cautiously- her eyes seemed crossed and rather dark in the lighting, and the woman could easily have fit mid age... or older.. She needed good rest..


"Excuse me, Mistress.. I am Lolendalia of Verigreen; a seeker of those who walk in the light unseen..." She hoped that the woman understood her meaning, as she had been told to look for such a place; such a woman; and for such a person who knew the message.


"Oh.. No dearie..Not here." The woman's voice cracked uneasily... Almost as though she was paranoid.. And with a flick of what seemed her feeble wrist, she yanked Lolen inside...

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What's that? Geelef looked at two bright lights, his eyes still tired from last night. Oh, it's you Cath... The tiger's head was hovering above his face, her eyes seemed to be yellowish white lights. 'Get off me, will ya?' With a loving growl Catherine jumped off her boss, her tail moving from left to right, in an exiting way. 'Yeah, I know. It's good to have some food in you stomach again, isn't it?' Geelef said, while he got dressed. He looked around him, to see an old, almost ancient room, made solely out of the best Birch, the windows were flanked by white curtains, almost as white as the pearls dangling from the roof.


'Those people are so nice for us, and still we can't stay any longer.' Geelef spoke Cath, as she could understand him. And indeed, her eyes narrowed at the words 'can't stay'. Geelef seemed to have noticed it, because he said, 'We got more important things to do, and you know it.' Geelef's mind went back to that day, almost two years ago.


He was in a grey cel, a few iron bars replaced the door. A tall guard, dressed in green, opened the door and grabbed Geelef by his wrist. 'You're gonna see the Head.' was the only thing the guard said. Geelef, wondering what he was meeting the Head for, just walked along.


His thoughts were interrupted by the voice of Miss Gandra calling him for breakfast. He shook his head. 'That's something we can't help anymore, can we?' he said, smiling faintly.




After Geelef had eaten and said goodbye and thanks to the old couple, he walked into the forest once more, his backpack filled with all types of food, Cath walking happily next to him.

After a few hours the two friends reached a hill. On top of it was an old tree, totally white and without leaves.

'Ah, finally, the Tree of Sightings. It took us much longer as last time, didn't it?'

Geelef laid down his staff and his backpack, put off his cloak, revealing a complex Elvish sign on the back of his green shirt. 'Watch out for those, will you?' he asked Catherine. A growl told him she'd stay put. Then he climbed in the tree, heading for the highest branch. When he arrived there, he knocked on it five times. The branch started to twist and reshaped, until Geelef was standing on a pretty large platform. 'Now, let's see how Cassa looks like after all those years... Oh, a whole new block! I gotta check that out... How's that pub of mine doing lately?' His eyes closed a bit, giving him a sharper view of a old, shabby pub in the west of Cassa. 'Ah no, it's closed. I knew I couldn't trust that dwarf...' After a few minutes of intense looking Geelef jumped down, landing softly on the ground. 'Well Cath, it seems Cassa is still the same. Now, let's go and look for a place to spend the night.' He picked up his belongings and patted Cath on her head. 'That old pub of mine is closed, so -' He was interrupted by a roar of anger, coming out of Cath's mouth. 'Yeah I know, it won't be easy to find a place to rest now...'



It was almost night when Geelef and Catherina arrived at Cassa. Since he didn't want any trouble, Geelef went to a guard first, showing him that Cath wasn't agressive. When they went in the guard's office, that guard jumped up at the sight of the white tiger. 'Wha - I-is t-t-this a r-robery?' His voice trembled with fear. 'No, ofcourse not.' Geelef replied. 'I know most people are kinda scared for Catherina. So she might not be allowed into Cassa. I just wanted to show she isn't that bad at all, and I was hoping for some papers which show Cath is allowed to the city.' The guard sat back in his chair again, not knowing what to think of this all.

'Err, yeah. OK, you have to prove me she's not violent though, I can't let her in if she is.'

Geelef nodded. 'What do you want her to do?' he asked.

'Well, as far as I know only once before a tiger wanted to enter Cassa. Back then that tiger had to stay in a room full with prey - birds and bunnies and such. That tiger didn't hurt anyone of those, so it was allowed in.'

Geelef smiled. 'Yeah, that was Catherina. We lived here for the next three years, and she didn't hurt anyone at all.'

'Oh. OK; I guess there's no point in taking that test again. Do you have the former papers still with you? Just to make sure she really did that test.'

'Ah yes. Here they are.' Geelef reached into his backpack, pulling out two yellow sheets, dirty after the long travels. 'They're a bit dirty, but readable.'

The guard looked over the papers, nodding and humming a bit. 'Yeah, these seem to be in order. I'll write you new right now.'


Three minutes later Geelef and Cath were outside again, new papers in Geelef's backpack. 'OK; just some place to rest now...'

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(( Heh! Wow.. We are on two pages now... :) Woohoo!))


The old woman released her rather firm grip on Lolen's arm after bolting the door shut. She leaned too close to Lolen for comfort, making her shift in the chair she had tumbled into. The yellowing whites of her eyes were seen, at such an uncomfortable distance. The once bright green pupils had faded to a dark green, set against mildly wrinkled mocha skin. This was unnoticed by Lolen at first, but soon became evident after better lighting.


The oven buzzed noisily from a corner- it seemed to consist of not electrics but mostly heated coals over wire framing, in a copper or iron box, with a lid. Lolen tilted her head a little further from the woman, as she spoke.. Her discolored teeth showing between cracked lips.


"You seek those who are not allowed within the world... But are." The woman said... in her weak and wafty voice.


"I do not understand, mistress.." It was true, she was confused... Her Host had told her to look for specific people in specific places and here.. this woman spoke in seemingly riddles to her.....


"I mean, child, that you seek those in the hidden world, the ancient ones.. Such as Mirandella or Espinocia.. Even quite possibly, Cara.."


"But, mistresss, you are making no sense.. Who are you? And what do you know of who I seek.. It is true, I have been sent to seek for hidden ones in a world long since gone, and to seek those who live in the new era.. Like I do."


"Yes, child.. I did not say who I was...For the fact that you have no need to know my name. Just that you sought to find, and indeed did that, the person whom you were told to seek."


This of course confused Lolen...


((Grr.. Short post.. Sorry.. Something came up. I'll continue when I can. :) ))

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((Still nice. I'm making short posts all the time, so it's OK :) And yeah, this is gonna be the 22th post! :) Cool, huh?))


Geelef woke up with a scream of terror. It took only a split second for him to realise where he was. He fell back down again, trying to remember the nightmare that had been plaging him all night. When he thought real hard, he could see a black man, in a chair - the Head of the prison of Tha'Kabaal.

After a few minutes he gave up, thinking about last day, after he'd left the Guard's office. When he looked to a few houses he hadn't noticed before, on the higher grounds of the city, he had seen a girl, in elvish hunting clothes, being dragged in a house by an old woman. The two seconds he'd seen her were enough to realise this was the girl he's been looking for all this time. He now needed to convince her of his loyalty to her, of his loyalty to her quest.


He walked out of the filthy bedroom, accompanied by Cath, thinking about how he could see that girl without being noticed and without looking suspicious at the same time. When he walked by the reception he threw a few coins at the shabby owner, as a thanks for letting him and Cath stay for the night.


When he stepped through the door, a bright sun and happy chatter welcomed them to the new day. 'What a feeling! This is Cassa at his best!' Geelef said, taking a deep breath. Cath was sitting next to him, looking at the birds singing in the trees. 'Don't even think of eating them... Or are you just looking at their beauty?' Cath nodded her head a bit, giving Geelef the best laugh he had in weeks. 'Oh my, you're quite the joker, aren't you?' he said happily, before he took off to the place he'd seen that girl last. Talking joyfully to Catherina, he didn't seem to notice all the people that stared at him, talking to his pet. But when he arrived at the stairs leading to the old woman's house, his smile faded a bit. 'This is it. We can't screw up now' he said, before he started climbing the shining stairs.

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The sun had begun to peek over the linen curtains of the old womans window. The sun slotched over the floor, showing stains of water and weather worn torment. Scuffle marks and skids across the floor as well.


Lolen's ears pricked slightly at the sound of someone's footsteps outside.. On the stairs. A china cup pressed softly to her lips, the tea steaming and fogging in her face, swirling before her eyes, making her drowsy in a dream filled haze of spices.


She drowzed now, leaning in the wicker chair and padded aligning.. The old woman had said so many things.. So many things that she, of course, could not understand...


.. And the sun will sink when true love falls, when tears of crystal blacken and the waves of the tide will crash and crumble.. yes, yes, dearie, crash and crumble.. My.. Yes... And what will he think then? He Who Resides In Shadows.. My .. what would he think then?


Naturally, Lolen thought the old lady was off her rocker.. She did often ramble.. On and on she'd go.. And at night she would slap her cane and stick against the bedposts, calling something terrible into the night, like a rather mused cat... Before ringing her bell and calling to Lolen from the living room.


And naturally, she would answer. (( I'll post again... Soon. :) ))

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Geelef hang around at the women's doorstep a bit, he didn't know what to do. A few times he'd almost knocked on the door, only to pull his staff back in on the thought of what he was going to say. It was only after five or so minutes that he realised Lolendalia, the girl he was looking for, might want to see him too. So he decided to just sit at the blocks of firewood next to the door, waiting for Lolen to show up. Catherina sat next to him, her head on his knees, she was panting a bit after all those stairs. Geelef stroked her head a bit, before his eyes closed again, two minutes later he was well asleep.

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