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This story is just something I thought up when writing about something that I don’t care to remember right now. I don’t know why it just popped up but it did in this exact form as I’m typing it up right now. The names excluded except Keys and Turks.


It’s not in anyway an EL story, just a story that had part to do with the religion story, if ya like it thanks. =D


If you don’t like it then =D thanks for your opinion.


If you flame it then =D F =D u know the rest.







Norman Helsing: Was once the rival of Key, but during the time of Keys vanishing became unbelievably stronger.


Key Azure: The rival of Norman, both he and Norman represent evil or neutral. However Key is a more neutral fighter. He has his disagreements with Norman’s ethics, that’s what makes them rivals.


Cain Jamul: The close friend of Key, he doesn’t seem to talk to Key much; but no one seems to talk to Key as much as Cain, Though his powers are far surpassed by keys the two remain the most powerful.


Turk Enigma: A man who travels looking for adventure, he comes across many rumors, one of which gets him into more troubles than he bargained for.


Unknown Man: Turk runs into this man in a gold cave, Turk never gets to see his face but he does know the man eats gold, or at least likes to put it in his face.


Sieg Galion: The warrior which time is unknown to, he is powerful and that is all to be known.


Lombardi Galion: Not related to Sieg but is equally powerful. How he comes to play is unknown.


Player: Joins the story as a member of Cain’s group.


Story Spoilers:


Norman seeks true power, but not for domination; he wants something that no one can determine. The only one who could match Norman in skill and power, however that is no longer the truth, Norman has some how become much more powerful in almost hundred folds in a short amount of time. Not only that but Key is believed dead from rumors passing around of a powerful warrior falling ill and went to die in a cave. At this time Cain hears a rumor about a massive gold mine being born in a cave to the west of WSC, he goes there with the hopes of beating the dwarves to the punch.


Cain sets to find his friend, as he cannot accept his death, He assembles a unit of volunteers to help him seek out the only one who can squelch Norman’s desires. Now the player joins the group of hundred if not thousands who seek Key Azure.



Norman’s Story:


Norman is a mad man whose views may seem justified but are to the ones around him insane. He fell from society in order to hone not only his fighting skills but to increase his knowledge and understand himself. He eventually meets Key as a companion and a fellow mystery. Together they become the most powerful people alive, however the closer they became the more they knew of each other’s through their ideals; they separated on bad terms.


Norman is believed to be seeking more power, but for what purpose. Cain believes whatever the purpose it cannot be good.



Psychopath Norman: (Spoiler)


The true essence of Norman, the side that Norman himself is afraid of, this is the side that knows the truth of everything. The side that wants to consume everything, the point of him is not domination – it’s destruction. Psychopath Norman cannot control it’s emotions, it’s not even human this is where Norman gets his incredible power. But before Norman was able to control it… something happened to Norman.


Now Norman seeks the Sleeper the one ultimate in the multi-verse. But to awaken it prematurely is imminent doom. Norman knows that…



Key Azure The Hero:


Key’s past is not known, in fact no one knows his hometown or who his early friends were. But what is known and envied is his power, the power to halt all. The legendary hero Key developed this title through his attempts to become more powerful, which is misinterpreted to be him saving lives. He has no love in his heart, and he hates the thought of being helped or loved. The only person he let close to him was Norman, and even Norman he considers his enemy.



Key is the one: (Spoiler)


Key isn’t just his name, when the three are brought together in front of the sleeper Key is literally the key. However this event is not to happen for another million years. Key is the human golem, just like the other three golems

(The Waker (Ice golem), The Dreamer (Tree golem), and The Thinker (Rock Golem))


However when key is sacrificed then the sleeper begins to awaken.



Cain Jamul The Grand Paladin:


This is where the religion story comes in; instead of taking a pilgrimage the player works as a member of a group of people (Players, Npc’s) to find Key as the first part of the story. Cain is the eternal servant of the great god, only he and a few know of the sleeper’s existence, and know to fear its awakening. However no one knows how to awaken it or so he thinks.


Turk Enigma The adventurer:


No one really knows Turk, but he’s sometimes a mercenary, and other times goes out to look for items so he can buy some food. He’s always looking for the “big cha-ching†but it always seems to elude him. Turk runs into the Cloaked man that no one knows about. I’ll add a spoiler since I don’t care any way so I might as well.


Turk Enigma and the Cloaked Adventurer: (Spoiler)


The Cloaked man isn’t Key as you’ve probably guessed. It’s actually the sleeper, the sleepers dream to be more like it. The sleeper has many dreams but this one isn’t complete. The reason why it looks face-less is because it represents the sleeper’s idea of human kind. (I just killed all the thinking for you there =D, Well most of it.)


Dreamer, Thinker, Waker: (Spoiler)


These three are golems but don’t let appearances deceive. They aren’t golems because they weren’t made by magic. They are actually large golem shaped beings. They like the simple life and like to keep things slow. Though there powers rival that of Key’s they still do not attempt to fight Norman.


Sieg and Lombardi: (Spoiler)


The two warriors were brought forth using Normans ultimate move, the dark summoning. He brings back evil versions of great and powerful beings that have died to do his bidding until he decides he’s had enough of them.


Though these beings are sentient they still follow Normans command as they sense that he is truly supreme.




This is where the player comes in. Though it may look like most of the story is played out by the npc’s that just the major story, well until the ending. The player takes part in quests and so on while visiting towns as basically a warrior that is a part of (Bla) and has to follow rumors for the ultimate goal of hopefully finding Key. After that the story takes a turn to Norman, after that well not going to spoil that, keep that my little secret =D.

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lol, nice reply.


It's just a joke story I guess something that just popped up.


Any way the conclusion is where everyone sort of dies.


What happens is that key in the end cannot beat Norman no matter how hard he tries. Sieg and Lombardi unlock the device for the sacrifice and Norman does the rest. They sacrifice key to the sleeper and tada the sleeper wakes.


However (Parts I never posted) The faceless one is a dream of the sleeper basically she comes in contact with Key once in the entire story and thats later on. She begs him to stop Norman because if she wakes up her radiating energy is enough to collapse the foundations of the universe.


If she exists then all stop existing.


She also sais that there is the tomb that she is incased in is the same as Key.


At the alter where Key is being sacrificed (He's already dead).


When people die in this they dont actually go to hell or heaven. They just die. Their memories are lodged forever in the blackness and the cold.


(Much like what happened to Sieg and Lombardi till Norman used the dark summoning to bring them back)


It's there that Key realizes exactly what the Faceless one meant. His body or his frame is the only thing in existance that can hold to power of the Sleeper.


This is where the player comes in, All the player has to do is distract Norman for a few moments and tada the end Key does the rest.


The sleeper wakes up however Norman turns himself into Terminal energy, Which is what possesed him in the first place, and enters the sleeper. The final battle begins, The sleeper tells you that it will hold back as much as it can the rest is up to you. You battle it out with Norman till the Sleeper divides itself and destroys the Norman half of it.


Sieg and Lombardi have no loyalties to Norman and realize the world of today is not the world they had, as when Normans energy went into the sleeper his dark grasp was lost over them.




Theres only one problem, Key is about to explode because he is holding too much energy, So destruction is eminent. =P


Thats about the ending, well what I wanted to think up any way. That's it really, dont like it then I dont like it either. =D l8r

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