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LittleLooter will do your work!

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Well, i came back to the pk server after quite a long break and decided to be a allrounder, so i will make your items, i will keep this thread up to date of what i can mix.


Atm i make all stuff under 1k for 300gc( Yes you provide the ings) and over 1k and under 5k for 700gc(Nothing over 5k atm), i will provide my own food for the makings, underneath is a list of what i can make atm.



Fire Essence

Water Essence

Earth Essence

Air Essence

Spirit Essence



I will add more when i get to the level needeed and read the books for further items, i plan to do Alchemy, Potion, Manufacturing, Crafting, Engerneering and Tailoring eventually, when i have nothing to mix i will be harving food for more orders later on or training A/D, Once i have quite a high level in most of these skills i will open a harvesting and mixing shop, so insted of you providing, you just buy, but am a bit away from that atm, just contact LittleLooter ingame to give stuff to make, most stuff will be delivered back to you the next day(or sooner)

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