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MapR for Hire

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I am unsure when the next client release may be. So lets get that out of the way while we can. Due to that, I could not tell you when your map would actually be on game. Next, it is your duty, to ensure your map is paid in full to EL Developers for it to be on the game. And I have nothing to do with that aspect of the map. By paying me for creating your map. You understand that the payment is only for the creative aspect of your map. (That includes the creation of your map itself and the def file for your map.)


Next.. Some may ask for "Wher's j00 pr00f j00 can make maps?" The maps I have created are listed below. If you don't believe I made them, ask the gm's of the those listed.





Currently I'm only working on 1 map. Though I will be working long hours coming in the next couple of weeks irl. That still means I will have pleanty of time between now and the next client update to make your map, update your current map for you.


My costs... Well I will admit they are not cheap. Matter of fact I will admit they can be very expensive if you want the full attention to customizing.


If you want a price quote get ahold of me in game or send me a forum pm.

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