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The magical fleet

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[23:06:41] #Message from MrHide: Rumours, spread by sailors in the taverns, say that a strange fleet was seen. Under full sail, but no human being visible on board!

[23:07:58] #Message from MrHide: Some say, they are weeks away from our shores, others say, they sail faster than the wind!

[23:08:30] [burton @ 1]: Sailing faster than the wind is quite an accomplischment :)

[23:09:07] #Message from MrHide: (maybe this fleet is magic somehow *shivers*)

[23:14:51] #Message from MrHide: To arms, Tahraji Desert is under attack, the first ship has arrived!

[23:15:24] [Hawg @ 1]: *Gulp* Here we go!

[23:16:07] [Hawg @ 1]: I'll go die for the cause!

[23:17:02] [MrHide @ 1]: brave warrior *pat*pat* here, a cheap medal for you, now go and die for nothing! :brooding:

[23:17:34] [burton @ 1]: I am checking with me alt ^^

[23:19:00] #Message from MrHide: "Hello, invasion hotline?" "Umm... Viorel here.. i have a problem with something green..."

[23:20:16] [MrHide @ 1]: they are coming from the SEA, because they arrived by SHIP :)

[23:20:31] [Hawg @ 1]: Ogre!

[23:20:49] [burton @ 1]: Hehehe

[23:20:55] [burton @ 1]: Ok, gonna give it a try

[23:21:31] [Hawg @ 1]: He ate my lunch...

[23:21:55] [Hawg @ 1]: Troll!

[23:23:12] [bkc56 @ 1]: I'm coming, but I can't do cyc's.

[23:23:21] [burton @ 1]: Me neither

[23:25:20] #Message from MrHide: Lynette, magic reporter of A.S.S., reports some undead attack the shore of Morcraven Marsh!

[23:25:54] [Hawg @ 1]: That might be more my style!

[23:26:11] [burton @ 1]: I hit cyc

[23:26:13] [burton @ 1]: For 5

[23:26:17] [burton @ 1]: With my iron sword D:

[23:26:48] [Rogue34 @ 1]: i can try and protect it

[23:26:50] [Hawg @ 1]: That would be me!

[23:33:11] #Message from MrHide: Ivin complains to the Mayor of Portland about a vessel, which damaged his docks and rowing boat!

[23:33:14] [bkc56 @ 1]: just killed a clops. Perhaps it's good astro for me today.

[23:33:24] [burton @ 1]: Awsome!

[23:33:32] [burton @ 1]: Gonna check Portland

[23:33:47] [Hawg @ 1]: Heading to MM

[23:36:37] #Message from MrHide: A small boat, others might call it a nutshell, arrives in VOTD. Molgor starts to giggle.

[23:37:22] [Hawg @ 1]: Armed skel in MM!

[23:43:46] [Hawg @ 1]: So far all I see in MM are armed skels

[23:44:28] [MrHide @ 1]: then you are blind. i saw at least there some boars, snakes, trees, huts and forts :P

[23:46:58] #Message from MrHide: Thorron contacts Haidir's Termination Service. Dear sir, i have a small problem with rabbits ruining my camping site...

[23:55:30] [bkc56 @ 1]: well TD is looking pretty empty...

[23:55:51] [sergey @ 1]: stupid cyclops want make me number 1 in manu...

[23:56:06] [The_Piper @ 1]: lol, is he dropping needle and thread? :P

[23:56:16] [Hawg @ 1]: Lol

[23:56:22] [sergey @ 1]: no, just eat all my armor :D

[00:06:28] #Message from MrHide: The unlucky Alchemist in Elandria's temple reports some strange behaviour of animals.

[00:06:38] #Message from MrHide: Maybe he has been drinking diesel oil again....

[00:06:46] [bkc56 @ 1]: opps, there go the deer again.

[00:06:47] [Hawg @ 1]: Oho!

[00:10:30] #Message from MrHide: The mages at Tarsengaard magic school finally found their crystal balls and start polishing them. Let's hope, thats good news...

[00:12:44] [sigtyr @ 1]: armed skells still in mm :s

[00:15:54] [Hawg @ 1]: 3 DB's in MM... the skels are winning!

[00:17:58] [sigtyr @ 1]: and i just wanted to buy wine-.-'

[00:21:18] #Message from MrHide: Kaleb moves from the Tavern back to work on his field, after one, two, tree, who cares, beer. He sees a wrecked ship at the (now damaged) docks.

[00:21:27] #Message from MrHide: The mages can confirm that at least!

[00:21:51] #Message from MrHide: (Well, looking out of the window of the school shouldnt be that hard :P)

[00:23:09] [Rogue34 @ 1]: male gobs in tg

[00:23:57] #Message from MrHide: The High Archmage of Tarsengaard Magic School officially announces:

[00:24:21] #Message from MrHide: There are no more strange ships at sea, all have reached our shores!

[00:26:59] #Message from MrHide: Some mages remove dust from their Solar Death Ray Cannon. Soon they will rule.. err.. protect the Eternal Lands!

[00:27:24] [Hawg @ 1]: Sounds like more trouble!

[00:28:46] #Message from MrHide: Yeah, thats what you get when you trust ppl wearing a pointy hat! Free brandy for all, cheers!

[00:31:53] [Hawg @ 1]: Gobs of gobs in Naralik!

[00:32:16] [bkc56 @ 1]: Need help?

[00:40:17] [Rogue34 @ 1]: fluffs in ruins of tirnym for those interested

[00:47:22] [Hawg @ 1]: What was in PL?

[00:47:37] [MrHide @ 1]: gobs

[00:47:47] [Hawg @ 1]: Aha

[00:48:03] [bkc56 @ 1]: and brownies... O.o

[00:48:22] [Hawg @ 1]: Oh noes! Not brownies!!

[00:52:46] [tigros @ 1]: i find only on brownie

[00:52:52] [MrHide @ 1]: lol :P

[00:53:09] [MrHide @ 1]: one 1 out of 100 :D

[00:53:34] [tigros @ 1]: 100 more in votd ?!?

[01:07:09] #Message from MrHide: The High Archmage of Tarsengaard Magic School officially announces:

[01:07:38] #Message from MrHide: The invasion is over, and we are not going to use the Solar Death Ray Cannon. That was only a test if it's still functional.

[01:07:54] #Message from MrHide: And no more brandy for low level mages for the next 3 days!

[01:08:06] [Hawg @ 1]: Awww...

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