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Sweetening the Lottery a little

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As part of our celebration of our longevity in Eternal Lands, and the many friends we have throughout the game, the Rivan Warriors are adding 250,000 gold coins to the upcoming lottery pool.


I personally am adding a Red Dragon Helm of Life and Mana, 5 Leonard (alpha) furs, 10 Ring of Power, and 100 Poison Antidotes.


Added Prizes:

  • 250,000 gold coins
  • Red Dragon Helm of Life and Mana
  • 5 Leonard (alpha) furs
  • 10 Ring of Power
  • 100 Poison Antidote
  • Palomino Whistle
  • Painted Whistle
  • Dapple Gray Whistle
  • Binding Stone
  • EME (Enriched Magic Essence)
  • 2 ELE (Enriched Life Essence)
  • 8000 Potion of Spirit Restoration


Thanks to all of you for letting us share these eternal lands with you! Without all the wonderful people that play this game it just wouldn't be the same.




update: elric67 donated the following items to add to the pool: Palomino Whistle, Painted Whistle, Dapple Gray Whistle, Binding Stone, EME, 2 ELE

update 2: miri and DUNG guild donated 8k SRs to the pool

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Whoa nice stuff Ryd, certainly got me to buy a couple of tickets :medieval: ...and Happy Anniversary Riva :D Since I started EL Riva's always been around and always been setting the standard in benevolence and goodwill. Hope to see them still going strong for years to come.

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in support of Riva's initiative, and in line with my donations to GIWS recently, I spiced up the lottery pot a little. If somehow I end up being the lucky winner (it's quite a few tickets), I will not collect the prize and leave it till the next draw.


enjoy, and happy 6th to Riva!

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Thank you very much to ryddler, Rivan Warriors, elric67, miri and Dung guild. I am still somewhat shocked at my luck of late. :medieval: There are definitely some great people in this game, and no, I'm not just saying that because they gave me free st00f. :)

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