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Hmm...while it is an intriguing story, it'll count heavily on the two guilds maintaining a fairly strong role-playing presence in the game. It's more of a guild story than an EL story, so I'm not sure if Histories is the right place to put it, or the Eternal Times archives, or maybe under Misc. stories. Or it might just remain as a role-playing thing, since I can't be sure that all of your members would hold true to this story. (Sorry, no offence... :P)


I'm not discouraging writing about in-game characters as they are now, but I'm thinking about the long-term consequences. What if we publish, and then five years from now, the GDC guilds dont exist anymore? I think what would be best to do, Kayliana, is to get you an interview with Toyminator instead, and put this under the Eternal Times newspaper (Politics section). I may eventually add it to the Misc stories on EL.net, but we'll have to wait and see on that one.



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