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A harvest bag for special ings needed to harvest

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I'm going to try to keep this simple. Be warned, there is a sarcastic balance suggestion at the end of this. Please read all warnings before reading the sarcasm.


You buy a bag to go into your inventory. In this bag your weapons stack. (This could be an extra square under your equiped items in your inventory) When you harvest hydro, tin, copper, or anything thing else which requires something for it to be harvested, then it pulls from this bag first. Therefore, if you can carry 40 swords, then the swords can be stacked in this special harvesting bag (or in your special inventory square). Just so it's not abused <start of sarcasm>by all those abusive players <end of sarcasm>, it can only hold those swords which are used for the odd harvest metals (tin, copper, hydro, etc) and can't be filled with any other items.


Balance: (Realistic)

The bag costs 80K gold and 1 bronze bar and can't be made. Can be bought on c2 but the place has cyclopes roaming around. It weighs 5 emus. Does not break, and can be put into storage. Level 3 human nexus is required to carry the bag.


The next comment is sarcastic, this is not meant to be directed towards anybody, nor is it meant to be hurtful, insulting, or flame causing. This is meant to be funny and give players and admin who are familiar with this good game EL to have a good chuckle. If this offends, hurts, or insults, I apologies now. If you are soft skin, take things personally or offended easily, please stop reading now. I will not held responsible for you ignoring this warning.


Balance: (Sarcastic)

500K gold, 10 hydro bars, 4 bars of bronze, 2 dragon scale (One of each red/black), 1 thermal sword in perfect condition, a level 10 on your magic nexus, and the bag weighs 120 emu and will have a 50% of breaking by mother nature and her harvesting event, losing everything inside. You are poisoned when carrying it, and it only holds 5 extra swords. To get to the place to buy this bag and it's a maze through highly violent radiation (10 hp per second) with 50 hp bursts of damage. In addition it has continues fire & cold damage to you and your equipment, and a final maze is a cramped room with 10 red and black dragons in front of the door to the shop you have to fight through. Your drop bags are stolen by invisible thieves.

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