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Were CBS right to show the Photograph of Diana as she died?

Should CBS have shown the photograph?  

  1. 1. Should CBS have shown the photograph?

    • Yes - of course they should.
    • No - the whole idea is just sick
    • I don't know

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LONDON (Reuters) - The family of Britain's Princess Diana said on Thursday it was "shocked and sickened" by a U.S. television network's decision to show pictures of her taken as she lay dying in a Paris road tunnel.  


CBS broke what Britain's own media had long considered the ultimate taboo on Wednesday by showing photocopies of pictures of the much-loved princess at the scene of her death at 37 in a 1997 car crash.  


The pictures were obtained from a file held by French authorities, who seized them from paparazzi photographers racing behind Diana's Mercedes, the TV show, "48 Hours Investigates," said.  


"Lord Spencer and his family are shocked and sickened by CBS's actions," said a statement released on behalf of Diana's brother, Earl Charles Spencer.  


Many photographers arrived quickly at the scene of the crash and similar pictures appeared on Web sites and in European magazines shortly after Diana's death. But mainstream English-language media have until now opted not to show them.  


Buckingham Palace, which speaks on behalf of Diana's sons William and Harry, said it would not comment on the CBS pictures, but did not hide its displeasure.  


"We've made our opinion very clear in the past on this sort of thing and we won't be commenting specifically," a spokesman said.  


CBS defended the decision to show the photographs, saying they were "placed in a journalistic context -- an examination of the medical treatment given to Princess Diana just after the crash -- and are in no way graphic or exploitative."  


The CBS program looked at evidence gathered in the French investigation of the crash, but does not appear to have revealed many new details of a story that has been told and retold countless times in the last seven years


A nation that went demented at the sight of a black woman's nipple seems unmoved by photograph of the battered body of a woman as she lay dying in a car crash




IF Diana had survived and was talking about what had happened, fine. show it.


She did not. Trying to justify the use of the photograph by saying they were illustrating the medical circumstances following the crash is just bollocks in my opinion.




There is no way any conclusion can be drawn about what was happening at that precise moment in time from a still.


I think that CBS used that image in a cold and calulating way for one reason only. To oost their mid-week ratings.


Thoughts ?

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Im also from England and think it's sick, why would they show it? it's so disripectfull.


Umm black womans nipples????? what i miss?

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Yeah the pics were quite gross, there are so many theorys that go along with her death....havnt heard anything about the black lady's nipples though,lol

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Woa! i heard bout that, never seen it though lol! thanx for the link to the pics and the video.

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