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my EL-client doesnt work anymore

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i have a big problem since today! i got a error-message from windows right when i played EL that told me "the EL-Client doesnt work anymore". it was in german, so i dont know if i translated right!

the programm closed and since then i cant open it. i can wright my name and my password, but when it loads my settings, the same message appears again. windows tells me that it is looking for a solution, but then it only says: windows closes the programme.

i use windows vista, my processor is: intel® core 2 CPU, T5500@1,66GHz, 1,67Ghz, 2046 MB RAM, my graphic card is nvidia geforce go 7600.

i tried to fix the problem, when i downloaded the 1.6.0-version new. --> same problem, then i removed all files and installed EL new --> same problem.

i had no problems with the update and it worked fine till now! i didnt run any other programme, only my internetexplorer was opened when it happened.

i play now since february every day and never had any problems before. i already looked at the firewall, but it is out! only thing i did different was to let antivir check my system! when i bought my laptop, there was norton installed, but i removed it at once and shouldnt have any effect on EL at all.

i hope you can help me, cause i dont know what to do next! i am not that firm with computer-problems, but i really like to play EL again!


thank you for your help!


piiia :closedeyes:

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If it worked before, cant you put your pc back to the state before you did the virus scan?

It happened to me in another game that a virus scanners see something unknown and delete it like a virus.


Unlike you i am not able to play EL at all. When i start the program it open in a small white screen but close down after 2 seconds.


Simulair pc as yours:

Toshiba satalite A100, Vista, my processor is: intel® core™ 2 CPU, T5500@1,66GHz, 2046 MB RAM, my graphic card is nvidia geforce go 7300.

I use AVG anti virus.


I have tried with no suksess to update drivers, but all drivers adviced by people who tried to help ingame turned out to be even older as the one i am using.

Driver: (date 07.12.2006). I have changed different things on advice of others like old man but it did not help.

I disabled the firewall disabled, I tried to play it in XP mode, nothing helps.

I read somewhere that this videocard is making some troubles and i can write to the company but i dont know exact what the problem is so it is kind of hard to write a letter in foreighn language.

I dont get any errors it just close down.

Any help appriciated




aka lanjelin

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today i found the error report: (as i said, i am not firm in computer-technics)


here it is:


Problemereignisame: APPCRASH

Anwendungsname: el.exe


Anwendungszeitstempel: 47e976d8

Fehlermodulname: StackHash_7c33


Fehlermodulzeitstempel: 00000000

Ausnahmecode: c0000005

Ausnahmeoffset: 01fef56e

Betriebsystemversion: 6.0.6000.

Gebietsschema-ID: 1031

Zusatzinformation 1: 7c33

Zusatzinformation 2: 89e65f8620af42482608fee3cb03db5c

Zusatzinformation 3: 9635

Zusatzinformation 4: 8832e46c122d52922e17656439cac86d


i hope it will help, cause it is in my language (german).


lanjelin, thank you for your post! can you tell me how i put my pc in the state before the virus scan, then i want to try it! but i still dont understand what happened, cause i got no message from antivir, that it found something wrong and deleted it. and i cant also play EL at all. i can only write my name and password and when i press enter it closes.


bye piiia (still desperately hoping for a solution) :P

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i found the "systemwiederherstellung" and put my computer back!

i had to install EL new and now, it works again.


thank you, thank you, thank you lanjelin



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Hi Piia,

Happy it worked for you.

I never come to the inlogscreen, it crashed already in the first loading.

Well i guess have to accept that i cant play EL when i am not at home. :P



aka Lanjelin.

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