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Concerning Quests - what's possible?

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Hey all


I've been thinking a lot about submitting some quests to EL, but in order to make the quests best as possible I need to know what possibilities there will be in the quest system.


A) When submitting a quest (to Slayton, I pressume) are you then looking for a complete quest, with dialogues, artwork, storyline, scenery or is it just concept-based ideas? Perhaps it would be a good idea to have a "Quest submission standard".


B) When starting a quest, will it be possible to start a quest as a team? (#create_quest_team, #join_quest_team) - With multi-way combat system this would make it possible for even low level people to complete quests where you'll have to fight high level monsters.


C) Is it possible to make "pop-up" dialogues - An example would be spirits speaking to the adventurer.


D) Is it possible to introduce new skills with a quest? If so I think that this should be done all the time :)


E) Is it possible to introduce new items, maps and scenery with a quest? And will it be possible to add items that were unusable unless you have finished the quest?


F) Is it possible to make a button that could *use item A with item B* - an example could be to fill a bucket of water and then use the bucket of water to fill a fountain.


G) Is it possible to change the scenery once certain conditions have been fulfilled? An example could be a rope that once cut would make a bridge fall down.


H) Will it be possible to examine an object in a new window - such as a scroll with instructions that needs to be read. The scroll could be in the inventory and the instructions should be readable on demand.


I) Will it be possible to have some special characters for quests, wearing special clothing?


J) Will it be possible to draw the map to a certain place as you walk your way through it? Fog of war-style ;)


I think that was it - Hope I didn't miss anything :-)

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Hmm, does anyone know, or are quests just considered very low priority right now? The quest the I have in mind is very long (should most likely be parted into 4 parts) and will need features that'll only be available in a few months, but I'd kinda like to know what I can do, and what I cannot...

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Sigh, you're most likely right - and what a pity that is as there are some great stories here :-)

Just don't like to disturb busy people more than necissary, so I'll give it a few more days :-)

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