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Unbann Lamaril

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ok I did a wrong or somethink but I didnt made it with LamariL....Pls unbann it and I go my way and pls delete my forum account besiktas I feel like shit I did or I didnt but ok I accept what u are saying me and I go my way pls unlock lamaril bby....

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Hi every1.This week my brother _Spawn_ (volken) come from univercity its no exam week for him and he came for hooliday.I told him The home IP is unlocked,entropy give me chance to play and if he want he can make a char and play.He said I allready made and playing with volken again but really poor char and he wanted money from me I said no and didnt give pass and the others are here he tryed to hack I see from my IP and he didnt told me about that.Yes I know some of this accounts pw(surely not radu) he tryed and he tryed them about my old password my born age number my footballteam's born age etc.And yesterday I come home and go sleep cause I was really sleepy now IM coming from out side and I saw my IP banned and I learned what he did.Yea like this its unbelivable and IM sure u people wont belive me its my fall to tell him IP get ulocked.


For the lamaril yes he is saying true a friend give me that char but its okey he said he is not playing EL anymore and I can play with it if I want.İt can be stay locked if u guys wants to.All I want to say IM sry for him and Im sry what happend all this week.This is really giving shame to me and Im saying sorry from all of EL familie...


Note:Yes its hard to believe me now after yesterday but I just wanted to clear my name and I dont want anythink from EL familie just wanted to say sorry of my brother And so I say forever bann my IP so forever by every1

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