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Items Grades Idea

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I just wonder how to make up players with high level skills and i think grades of items is quite interesting idea. Each manufacturable item in EL could be marked one of 5(maybe other amount) of stars. When player makes an item and have enough level of skill he could make item with better grade. For example player with 0~25 alchemy is able to create fire essences with only one star - first grade and player with 25~50 gains a small chance to create fire essences with two stars - second grade and so on. When manufacturable items are required to make new item then grade of newly created item should depends on grade of ingredients. Finally created items like swords, armors, tools etc. should have some modifiers on damage, armor, chance to break, stronger potion effect etc.


+ role playing - only the best masters could make an perfect(max grade) items

+ make economy more interesting

+ more motivation to get another alch/man/pot skill level

+ more exciting manufacturing


- hard to implement, require many changes in client and server

- hard to find a good way how different grade items same kind should be stackable


Its only a sketch of idea so maybe some one solve cons of this idea or extend it to be better.

Feedback welcome


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