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Due to a number of (irrate?) pm's from players ingame, let me clarify a point about NotaBot(TradeMarked). This is a role playing game. With that in mind I have 'roleplayed' and created an 'imaginary' patent/tm for NotaBot. This, of course does not hold up in a court of law in the rEaL world, of course not, that would cost time and cash and more incentive and motivation than I have. In the true tradition of Marketing the world over I found something I could slighty change that was pre-recognised but not as yet exploited and give it a twist, thus enhancing and laying claim to the format on artistic terms. It's as simple and as convoulted as that.

Role playing.

In the words of Morrisey, "If you must write prose/poems

The words you use should be your own

Don't plagiarise or take "on loan"


(Cemetry Gates-The Smiths).


NotaBot(TradeMarked) (aka) ColGonk.

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