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If I counted correctly 23 of the 43 ticket buyers won a prize. What a wonderful event, thanks to all for contributions (from cheers over prizes to money). I'm sure Ryddler will follow up with all the winners over the next couple of days.


Additional prizes were donated at the end of the prize drawings. They are listed below with the winners' names, but these are my notes and Ryddler's notes are the official ones :D




30. 50 EMP - Piwacket

31. 50 EMP - Moebird

32. 50k gc - KaGen

33. 5k bones - FairyDragon

34. 4k life ess - Piwacket

35. Crown of Life - Crom

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We had so much fun giving prizes away, that at the end I had several people pm to add still more prizes to the list (as posted here by lilcnoot), which I have added to the original post below the original list of prizes.


I offer my heartfelt thanks to all that participated in this wonderful event. Because of the generosity of my fellow players, $2410 of the ~$3300 I raised overall was a result of this raffle. The walk itself raised over $40,000, and had a very good turnout. Thanks also to all the kind words of encouragement!


I also offer special thanks to Radu for letting me run the raffle (and his prize donation), all of the Rivan Warriors that were in attendance (and helped carry all the prizes that could be carried, kept track of the prizes as they were given away), my friends from the Fellowship of the Celtic Woods for their support and attendance, and everyone who helped make the entire event possible through donated prizes. I can't thank you enough!


I will continue to contact the people who couldn't make it to the contest to receive their prizes, and those whose prizes were too large or bulky to carry.

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