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Banedon The story begins

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Who is Banedon. First off I must give Credit to Joe Devers and the series the legends of Lone Wolf.


The story of my past:

As days move forward I am remembering more and more of My Past.

I was born in a large city that I can't remember in the lands of Magnamund. During my youth I studied the arts of magic and alchemy. During these times the land of Magnamund was under a great unrest. The darklords grew strong and many people perished.


Lone Wolf ,I can't remember his name before he took on that name, was a great friend of mine in the Order of the Kai. He was very young and the Sole survivor of a Darklord secret attack on the Kai Monastery. He rose out of the ashes of that attack calling himself LoneWolf. He was a young fighter at the time with not much training.


Much of my past is still coming back to me. The next thing that is not foggy in my memory is Leading the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star. We were a fraternal order of Alchemists and Magicians. I remember training Lone Wolf in some of our arts to aid him in battle and sending with him my most precious student to assist him in his journeys.


Many Times Lone Wolf and I fought side by side with the armies of our land to push back the Darklords. We lost many friends and gained many more.


The Goddess Irshir and the God Kai always seemed to be there with us protecting us.


Goddess Irshir:

My Goddess came to me many times in my dreams and spoke with me of events that I can't remember this day. She foretold of strange lands that would call to me some day.


Much of the events between that meeting and when I came to Isla Prima or sketchy at best.


Irshir came to me one last time after the greatest battle of Magnamund happened and directed me to a sacred place. Here she spoke with me in the flesh and told me to step onto a portal and she would take me to where I was now needed.


Isla Prima:

I woke up on an Island that I learned to be Called Isla Prima. A very strange land to me. At this time in my life I remembered nothing of my past.


I awoke on this strange island with many people as myself whom have just arrived on the island on the continent of Seridian. A nice young elf told me to go east by north east and i will come to a person who can tell me of such lands. HE is only known by the nick of tutorial NPC.


He told about these lands. He told me about Isla Prima the island of seridia and about what I could do during my stay. He told me of the Wrait just north of him that will look at where I am at and offer to increase my capabilities through a strange processes.


First days:

In the first days I wondered the island Killing rabbits, rats, and beavers for their pelts, meat, and bones. Not sure why but I saved these. But later I found them to be very helpful. I also spent time picking flowers to where I met a nice person who told me of A place called Valley of The Dwarves (known as VOTD).This person told me of a place near the docks of VOTD where I could store all these items that were starting to overload me.


I followed his directions and asked the captain of the boat to take me to the mainland of seridia. After some exchanges of boats I made it to the land of the dwarves VOTD. After depositing items in storage I found people who have been here for some time.



An extremely helpful person who goes by Kickbutt told me that he was one of the Leaders of the Brotherhood of Bane. A fraternal order that followed the teachings of the one true god Bane. His words and this order seemed so familiar to me for reason I knew not at that time. I asked him if I would be able to study and learn under the guidance of the Brotherhood. He told me that I need to reach certain skills before I could goto the halls of Bane to apply to the school.

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