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The Fire Dragons Guild {FD} is recruiting!

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The Fire Dragons Guild {FD} is recruiting!


We are a big german speaking community, who love it to help other players or Guilds :lurker:


PM us for more information


if you're interested, look at #guild_info {FD}


Guild Fire Dragons has 96 members. The guild URL is: http://www.el-fd.eu/

General info: We are a peaceful German Guild whose members help each other. We don't accept: BagJumper, Scammer, Outlaws, Spammer etc...

Joining the guild: You want to Join us? PM: KommerzGandalf, _ScareGlow_, Toedele, Cyberwulf, Frodewin or ago ingame or click Join Us on our Website. :icon4:


looking forward to hearing from you :)


We also have a Mumble and a TeamSpeak Server

Mumble Server: http://www.el-fd.eu/mumble.htm

TeamSpeak 3 Server: http://www.el-fd.eu/teamspeak.htm




Fire Dragons Guild

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