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Guest Gogan

Main Story Line

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Guest Gogan

My story is based on the principal that the land were in is just the corner of a large continent each section of the continent having different gods. Long ago there was a great battle among the gods and each continent was shielded with its own god protecting its borders so that no enemy soldier could cross but times are changing. with all the harvesting going on what once was is being turned up and the gods are returning and with there return the shields will fall and drop the land into chaos and war.


The more quest you complete the stronger your gods influnces over you this is shown in faith stats the better your faith the more bonus you get from your god for example 10% better defence etc.


There wil be 4 gods which means 4 different borders if 4 different countrys two of which will be real human players but both countrys being different races with different quests and the other two will be npc players so if the human controlled countrys want to survive when the war comes they will have to work together. to keep there land safe from invasion.....



this is just a sneak peak.

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