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Aw crap...

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Hello, im Etheral slayer. Many of you know me by my alts,so there is no reason in sayin em. Ok,lately,my I think my IP range has been randomly banning around here...I Dont know of anyone who plays around here,and I dont think i have done anything bad lately...I have heard rumor of someone being able to pay to stay on something called a,"white" list? If it is possible,plz,tell me how much it costs,where i can get it,Who do I pay,and when I can start playing again without a 50/50 chance of playing. Its like every other day,my IP range(or w/e the friggin thing is called,i aint good with computers) is like,banned. I'd like to log on without the fear of NOT being able to log on because of what I did in the past...

Come on now,w/b for me.

Thank ya,



< I havent done anything in the last couple of years that involve:




Also,the only character i have used in the last month to 3 mnths Is TINYSNIPER. ONLY TinySniper.>


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