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Tip to receive free SMSs

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Radu was talking about implementing SMS notification for special days in EL. This being a pay to use service, I posted my nice-tip-for-free and here it goes :


My mobile phone operator (Orange France) provides me with an e-mail address like "phonenumber@orange.fr" that can notify me when I receive e-mails, according to my rules.


I am sent the first 20 characters of the subject and I call a free number to get a synthetic voice reading the mail received.


For example I set the following rules :

- Notify me when I receive a mail from mywife@mywife.com

- Notify me when I receive a mail from clientorder@mycompany.com

- Notify me when I receive a mail with a subject ending with "( From Eternal Lands Official Forums )"


Thus my wife can send me an e-mail saying "Don't forget the bread", my e-business server tells me "Order from Mr XYZ" and EL forums tell me "You have a new personnal message" ... well actually it only says : "You have a new perso ..." from chaos_rift@yahoo.com ... but that's good enough.


Note: Orange France notifies you instantly with the subject of the message while SFR only sends notifications 4 times a day, only saying that you got mail and it's not a free service as far as I know.


So let me know if you are using Orange France and want to know more about it. And let us all know if you are using a different operator with similar functions.

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