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Story 1

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Version is based off of real life past events =D and real folk lore.




"Tick, tock-


tick, tock-


The moon, the sun - the cold, the warmth. Luck, and misfortune - these are all the part of a greater whole and god is what helps us to understand them, but instead we only come to terms with them. Just like each stroke of the pendelum is inevitable - so is the the winding of what it stand for.


Because this time, this chance... Is our last.



That is the intro for the religion story.



As before there are 8 gods but instead of gods they are now elements of the greater whole; whatever that means ;).


Fire - Dymon (In story reffered to as The eternal flame. Characteristics of a psychopath.)


Water - Undine (Name is undine, she is hated for her arrogance.)


Wind - Jester (When it works with water forms Ice, Loved for its humor.)


Lightning - Raviel (Known as The rage, characteristics not know.)


Power - Zou (Known as Zou, very calm and passive.)


Love - Aphordite (The goddess of love, Always gets her way.


Time - Chronos (???)


Life - Gaia (Reffered to as the Earth Godess, she has no relation to the element of earth itself.)




Joining: You can join your spirit with each one of these elements 3 at a time, as long as they don't contradict each other.


Chapter 1 Opening: Pilgramage---


Priest: I do not know how else to congradulate you child, your god, our god has opened my eyes in a dream, you must go on a pilgramage like your brothers, I do not know what will await you but always remember; be strong to your faith. I believe in the dwarven mines you will begin your journey.



The chapter continues but I can't post this part as they are quests >.<...


I'll just post the list of bosses in chronological order and the levels I would expect them to be.




(Orc Hero) Taleth the man slayer - lvl 57 - Not only packs a punch but does so quickly with the aid of double axes.


(Demon) Viola fallen Demoness - lvl 62 - Uses a whip very well =D not to mention shes very fast.


(Human) Norec The Death Knight - lvl 70- Once a great hero corrupted by the demonesses promises. High power uses a large sword and shield.


(Human) Vizar captain my captain - lvl 76 - Legendary Ogre Hero, Rides a hell hound. Very hard hitting attacks however slow to deliver.


(???) Korek - ??? - It's not alive.


(???) Azurel - lvl 90 - Last seen in story eons before current. Assasin.


(???) Sleepers Guardian - lvl 99 - Overall Superb, It's a perfectly spherical orb very small but size just doesn't matter.


Ok I'm gonna post the Layout of the story, then I'll figure out what I can add and not to add from there.


Note: Each boss though I did say lvl 57 and so on is really only defeatable in groups. GB's. & of course they are respawnable.



I'm only going to post what I can.

Chapter 1: The Outline


1. Welcome to your religions pilgramage

2. Quest in Dwarf Cave

3. Visit the old dwarf

4. Following the Dwarfs tale of a dreamer.

5. More Quests.


Chapter 2... maybe tommorow

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Ok now that I have all the info done in the prior post this I can get to the real story.


This is still not written in story format btw.


Setting: El's current setting, =D revolves around the current EL map till later story.


Basis: The goal is to discover thruth of the world around you, the only way to do this is to embark on a adventure of your own, Team up with other players to defeat super bosses and finally awaken the sleeper.


Rise in Action: The discovery of a relic with insane power, however no one knows what the power is much less how to wield it. The player collects these relics along with artifacts that are mined and bones of aincient beings, Manu them together to make new items and so on, Then progress.


2nd Rise: The awakening of the sleeper signals 3/4 the stories completion. With it guidance you have to awaken the god, the one true god. Of course a new enemy has awoken to stop you from achieving this goal, defeating it is nearly impossible. Find friends in the (hopefully) new races. (Not adding anything really just talking about whatever else is announced later). And finally the world core.


Conclusion: The worlds core is on the line and its time for the final confrontation. The guardian is only doing what it has to but with no god to halt it the core will reterraform the entire planet. Defeat the guardian (Spherical Ethreal Golemn) and try to halt the core, will it work with no god?



Ok starting tommorow the 6th I'm gonna start writing up the story itself, I'll post each chapter by chapter =D. Gonna work it like cartoon episodes. =D thanks for reading up to this far. and sorry if I disappointed you by not adding the story or another sample of detail in but can't do so just yet :) : But thanks again.

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Greetings Izzy, I've read all of the posts under storyline and spoke to Tumaros in game. Also spoke to Roja and she told me to login so here I am. A while back when there were only around 7 plays in total I made a lot of suggestions that are now in the game, so most approve of my ideas. :) Well, we'll have to talk sometime and I look forward to helping with the storyline and religious system! See you in game. :)

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Oki doki time for the second unveiling, or 3rd... naw I think its second. Ok basically this is supposed to be the final of what seems to be a patch or maybe in this case installation of concepts to the story. After this I should have a good scheme of a well.. blue print. =D



Ok the gods system that Gal.... er Gal came up with was nice nice nice. ya fine and dandy so apart from that I dont know what to say... So no more comments =D.


BTW sorry for my extended leave from EL =P hope u didnt enjoy it too much.



Concept: Items of the Gods.



The story opens up the player to new items that normally are inaccesable. Each god has maybe dozens of crests. Animal emblems and so on. By using alchemy the crests can be combined with weapons and such there by increasing specs. =D. Almost like equiping ur sword.


Now the crests themselves are useless and you can only get them with high faith in your god. Some of the crests are unique to certain gods and so on and so forth.




Concept: Chapters


Each chapter is written to be 5 hours of game play. Meaning intro is actually 5 hours but the parts that you read are about 30 minutes cause of the fact quests and such are taken out. =D




Concept: Depth of story


I didnt give myself much time to do this but I was trying to analyze the and culminate a overall chart in my mind of how well... smart the players of EL are.... lets not go there.... I'll just say that I can't go too deep into mass social issues and express them through this story.


I decided to try to make it nice and simple but try not to take the suspense away and so on.



Concept: God?


Ok each god isn't really a god its more like a demi god. The elements are just that elements, they are part of what make up the world of EL thats all. They hold the world together. When I said rivaling Elements I meant just that; not rivaling gods just the elements and how they express themselves fight each other to maintain balance.


I cant say pass this but those elements (demi-gods) are demi gods for a reason. All in all, this is a decent book but a good story -.- but it could be more.... too many restrictions that I want to break.



Problem?: Yes u speak and me no understand u plz talk inglesh!


What you see is what you get. Nothing more, I'm not gonna judge you or try to manipulate your take on things.




Finally: I'm not sure if I want to do this story... but I'll push out the next few and see what happens, I have a bad habbit of tossing. But hey I could just write two stories one that I would like and one that you would like. =D.


I'm tired and I wish I was telepathic. O.o all who read this post u will recieve some sort of telepathic link and u will know my godlyness and understand what this is.


Or you could just read the posts =D.





Good luck, Have Fun, Good Game, Dont die, Shut the *Explicative deleted* up!

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