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Why is my IP banned please?

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I have not been playing since about April this year (work :( ) but have started back again as of 2 days ago. I spent about 2 hours online (i think) then about 1.5 hours on yesterday. I come on to play today and it says "Your IP is banned. This means you, or someone from....." :omg:


All I had time to do when I came on was reel at the amount of new stuff, say hi to a couple of friends, get some good news for one of them :D and kill some tigers cos killing tigers rules.....


All I'm trying to say is I didn't do anything to deserve this ;) and am quite unhappy now cos I was really looking forward to coming back :cry:


Please please help! If you need more info, please contact one of my guildmates ( I am in -DD- ) and they will help if they can. If they can't, please post a reply with any questions and I will answer them or something cos I really want to come back!!!!!!


Please don't make me beg :)


Thanks in advance


Batfloke :)

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