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Best for Boredom

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Some day's there really isnt anything to do. no good TV, no work to do, and you can't/ don't want to leave the house. Well, here are a bunch of sites that will help you with that.






a site ive found fairly recently. Some really good stuff in there, and it updates every day. I reccomend using the "Randomizer" option.

---NOTE:Be careful of a few of the links though.




some cool stuff here, but it really shines in the humor section :D .I reccomend NameHumor link. Made me laugh so hard i couldnt talk for a day


Ge tAmused


some of the best jokes on the web : :):hehe::hehe:


Ctrl Alt Del


most of you probably know this site already, but for those who don't, this will keep you laughing for days :lol:


Murphy's Laws


The complete list of murphy's laws. Alot of these happen to me on a daily basis


Stick Page


For those of you that like mindless, pointless stick-figure violence, this place is for you.




Now, this isnt a real site, but it's a flash clip that I think is really funny and that EVERYONE should see.


Rather Good


A bunch of flash videos that I GARUNTEE will make you say "WTF?"


Digital Music Center


an online music player. Lets you listen to the FULL tracks of thousands of CD's by lots of artists. I have to thank my sister for this one :)


Box of Mystery


Thank you RasberryBeard/scarab2k (whatever you prefer) for this :D Lots of good stuff here. I reccomend the "FF VIII-Bring Me To Life" video, some of the best stuff ive seen...ever


Hyper Frame

Hyper frame. An extremely hard, but fun puzzle game. Sofar I have gotten to level 19 :)


Ebaums World

Ebaums world. A good humor and games site. :P


Gaming World

Gaming world. Site with lots and lots of downloadable games.


Edit: a few updates to the list :)

Edit 2.0: more sites

Edited by roren

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Another update :whistle: Whew, this list is getting long :omg:

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