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A Guide to Touring Serdia

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Okay, so this isn't so much a story... it will include elements from the storyline, though, and I'm hoping it can end up as a book once finished.


So far I only have the one area done. As I find free time, I'll be adding areas. If you want to write the tourism information on one of the areas, feel free. It may be adjusted to fit the tone and structure, but all contributions will be attributed (ie: you get credit)

I'm using the following format. If you want to write some peices, it would be easier to integrate if you work with the same.





points of tourist interest (for places like shops, if they're of tourism interest then tey can go here)

people to meet




If new catagories of information come up (and they probably will) then information will be added in those areas.





Serdia is a large place.

It has and many forms of plant and animal life, is home to many races of sentient beings, some hostile, some welcoming.

To fully explore Serdia would take a very long time, for the land and the various cultures of the people living there are rich and diverse.

Within these pages you will find a breif overview of the regions of Serdia, in that you may better plan your excursions.






Isla Prima

Not part of the Serdian mainland, this island is nonetheless very much a part of the Serdian experience.

This small island has few permenant residents, but always has many visitors.

This is the first stop in any detailed tour of the land.

For those with a botanical bent, there is a wide variety of plants and flowers growing here.

History and art buffs will enjoy visiting the tower.

These is also a cave, in which many a child or child-at-heart has spent hours playing.



For a good drink, stop by Pula's Tavern. The regular barmaid, Reca, will be glad to serve you a range of food and drinks.

There are sometimes strange tales told of the tavern, as people have been seen to appear and dissapear near the bar. Some people suspect a secret basement, others say the tavern is haunted, some just accuse the wine of being too strong. Either way, the food is good, and the company jovial.



Covering most of the island is a great number of rabbits. They are relatively tame, used to having people walk past, and have never been known to attack a passerby.

Nearer to the shores, there less rabbits, but there are also many beavers. Like the rabbits, they are used to having people around.

There have also been deer spotted on this island, usually in the trees to the east.


Points of Interest

The first place any new visitor finds is a campsite. There are usually a number of people sitting around the fireplace; swapping stories and helping travellers with information, advice, and healing.

A short walk to the south of the campsite, one will come across the head of a snowman on a treestump. There is often someone here, as the nose of this snowman is magically enchanted, providing an unlimited supply of carrots to anyone hungry.

To the east of the campsite, there is a tower. Inside is a feasting hall, nicely decorated with flowers and tapestries showing works of art from years long gone.

Most of the way to the docks, is an entrance to a cave. If you are not fond of rats, do not venture inside, for there are a great many rats in residence. Besides the rats, there is also a flower patch, with many bushes of snapdragons and lupines, and some people use part of the cave to store old goods.

And finally, a most perculiar lightpost. It is on the patch between the docks and the campsite, a little to the east of the cave previously mentioned. What makes this place special is that bread and the occasional gold coin appears from time to time on the ground. Research has found that the magic for this was set up long ago, when few people were able to easily get their own food.


Local People of Note

Be sure to visit Lasud, who is usually chatting with people outside the tavern. Lasud was sent by Lord Luxin of White Stone to tell people about the land, and help them find their way around.

To the east of the campsite, have a chat with TutorialNPC, who explains the basics of life on Serdia to all those interested.

And just to the north of him is the Wraith. Quite a scary figure, being a translucent blue and floating above the ground, he is actually very kind. He is the one who most helps the residents of Serdia, for if he judges them worthy he will be willing to give them more strength, magical abilities, training in the ways of smithying, or any of a number of other skills and abilities.



The cave does have a pool in it, which is dangerous to swim in. Being far to the south, Isla Prima is also subject to snow and ice part of the year. This makes swimming an idea not recommended to most people.

Other than this, the only danger is if you harass some of the wildlife for too long.

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A very nice idea! Though, it might suit as a quest as well.  Something for the newbs to do before they start their journey in EL.


well... maybe as a quest reward?

I was thinking it'd be groovy if each newbie got a guide to the land when they start, having it part of TutNPC or whatever would work fine too, as long as you can get more copies.

though this requires it be a book item, not a book clickable on map

eventually, the guide should have even the PK areas listed, so most of what's in it won't be for the newbies for a while... in fact, it'll have all the places I can find stuff out about, even those places where people aren't that likely to go (roanof, newbie island, etc... not how to get there of course!)

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