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Contest Entry: Poetry

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Gemlight Still


Crystal reflections dance in rings

Murky water’s movement sings

The complementing blues of rock

The curving pillar stones


Far below the scented skies

Here, the stony palace resides

With silver walls shining

With sturdy iron ramparts


Though bridges lead to nowhere

Though a million rats make it their lair

The grandeur shall still endure

Beloved caves live on, persist, prevail!

For your treasures will never fade

The shimmering of golden quartz

In the name of Crystal Cave


The sounds of still waters

The shine of precious metals

The fine crafted buildings

Abandoned like a grave

All live on, live on, persist

Under the name of Crystal Cave


It's not exactly a stroyline, but some depth could be read into it as a lament for the abandoned homes that for some reason exist within the cave. Mostly, it's a poem.

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