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Encyclopedia Syntax

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Ok, as it stands at present:


<Page name="PAGENAME">

*Creates a page name to be referred to for links, etc. Each new main category needs a page in index.xml



*Loads and parses CATEGORYNAME.xml



*Newline/Page break, which sets x pos to equiv of last text line.



*Newline/Line Break



*Sets the text size to SIZE, being Big, Medium, or Small


<color r="RVALUE" g="GVALUE" b="BVALUE"/> OR <color>COLORNAME</color>

*Sets the text color to the color rgb value, with RVALUE being redness, GVALUE being greenness, and BVALUE being BLUENESS, OR sets the color to COLORNAME, being one of silver, grey, maroon, green, navy, olive, purple, teal, white, black, red, lime, blue, magenta, yellow, or cyan.



*Prints specified string SOMETEXT (max 62 characters) to the encyclopedia page


<link ref="LINKTO" title="NAME"/>

*Creates a link to page name LINKTO, printing NAME as the link name.


<Pos x="X" y="Y">

*Set position x to X and y to Y


<simage isize="ISIZE" tsize="TSIZE" size="SIZE" tid="TID" name="TEXTUREFILE" yposupdate="0|1" xposupdate="0|1" x="X" y="Y" mouseover=")|1"/>

*Loads simple image from TEXTUREFILE (in the textures category). ISIZE states the size of the image, TSIZE states the size of the texture, SIZE states ... , xposupdate and yposupdate are 0 or 1 each , depending if you want update the x pos/y pos past the image on loading it, tid sets the texture id, so the selected x/y tile is (tid%pics per row), x sets the image's x pos to X, y sets the image's y pos to Y, and mouseover sets whether the image is updated on mouseover or not.


<image ... >

*Same function and usage as <simage ... >, except it allows you to specify a u/v position [use u=U" v="V], uend/vend (set how much to load) [use uend=UEND" vend="VEND], and xend/yend (set how large to display it) [use xend=XEND" yend="YEND]. These are rarely used, however.

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