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so instead of saying 1 thing in the chan, u want mee to pm the exact same message to like 5 or 6 people... there is such thing as talking in groups...


but i will leave this and reserve my judgement untill after we have multi channel support... =)


gimme some lockage ^.^

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Soldus I think your idea is terrific. I like to chat with my friends while buying, and if I can't talk to them and buy, then EL becomes this really antisocial quiet place that I think is less fun.


One of the things I love about EL is talking to ppl, but I usually have a lot of stuff to buy/sell also.


Anyway, I'm in full support of a market channel where you can be offtopic also in addition to one that is STRICTLY for buying selling only.


[Edit]: Roja you've made me so excited!!!!!! WOOOT!!!!!!

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