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Multiple Chars

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What i don't understand:


You forbid mutiple logins for the same account - aka playing with 2 ore more

chars at once.


Ok fine... Now how you find out it is a double use? By comparing the IP, right?


So, if you are able to compare them (what you really should because

thats the real address you connect to and from - just want clear it out for

unexperienced people) - why don't you check them at login time?


Check the current loged chars, and when the IP is used disconnect. Done.

No mutiple chars anymore as long someone has 2 computers with 2 different

IPs. But then you can't check it out so or so.


That will simply cut down all that stress here.


Because: You need 2 things for mutiple chars.

1.) a guys login in with 2 chars

2.) a game server allowing the login with 2 chars


And the problem, that perhaps in kind of house connection different people

use the same IP even they don't know - that more as rare and they can then

complain and someone check it.

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Guest Some1 else

what if a houde had only 1 computer and 2 brothers playing taht game what ya gonn do?

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Guest JongJongDingDong

ya what if there are 2 ppl playing on 1 computer u going to bnn some1 for having a brother or sister.

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